Saturday, 16 January 2010

Haiti Appeal

Here's the link to donate to the (Disasters Emergency Committee) DEC:

You can read about the DEC here:

Here's the link to donate to Doctors without Borders:

You can read about them here:

ALL money raised will be donated to the charities directly.

Please give anything you can, no matter how small.

I've heard that the public of the UK has already donated over 12 million pounds, which is amazing, but there are so many people who still need help.

I've already donated myself, but as i don't have too much to spare right now i have also decided that as i wanted to do a blog sale anyway i'm going to donate a portion of the proceeds. I can't afford to give it all away but every little helps.
I'm going to try and get that up as soon as possible so i can donate the money we raise together quickly :)

Thank you for reading this and please spread the word when and where you can.

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