Thursday, 7 January 2010

I stupidly forgot to mention that i won second prize in Mizzworthy and Illamasqua's 'out of the box' contest! My winning look was the 'reverse rococo' one ( and i must agree very vainly and arrogantly that, while it may not have been executed amazingly, the idea behind it was quite original and interesting :) My prize is 3 illamasqua makeup brushes and i really can't wait to get my mitts on them! Also finally i will have some higher-end brushes to compare my ELF studio brushes to (review of them is coming up shortly, but basically they are amazing) instead of my old cheap-as-free horrible shedding, scratchy brushes and sponge applicators :P

The first-prize winning look was an amazing voodoo/tiki/jungle man look you can see here: very much deserved :)

This week has been a lot busier than i thought it would be, firstly there was my birthday (thank you all for your wonderful messages <3) then i had to take down the christmas decorations which is always such a sad job, then today was my nephews birthday and i've been editing and uploading a documentary on one of my favourite bands which took a whole lot longer than i thought it would. Also there has been a huge amount of snow, it is beautiful but england is pathetic and calls it 'arctic conditions' and public transport grinds to a halt. So i apologise again for the shortage of posts and my terrible lack of commenting, i'm trying my best to remedy it. The biggest hindrance to my blogging is that recently something went wrong with my girlfriends laptop, which is what i usually post from, so now i have to do all of my internetting upstairs on the desktop. This makes me feel anti-social so i tend to leave all the windows i want to comment on up and then leave the computer, meaning i have about 100 open tabs D:

I got money for my birthday and have gone on a beauty spree! I've finally splurged on a lot of mineral makeup companies i've wanted to try before but haven't had the money to, so expect in the next few months hauls/reviews from:
evil shades
hi fi cosmetics
ELF (though i still need to do my first review X/ i stink!)
and morgana minerals

also already arrived but i need to photo/review is a huge order from aromaleigh and christmas/birthday beauty gifts including a bunch of OCC liptars!

Tomorrow i'm free all day so i'm hoping to get down to some serious swatching and photographing :D


  1. Congrats on your win! That's awesome. =)

  2. Thanks so much, i was so happy and proud of myself :)


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