Thursday, 21 January 2010


Sorry if you've left me a comment or email in the last few days, i've been ill.
Nothing serious i'm glad to say, but my whole head aches, i've got a red raw throat and a cold and oddly i am tired all the time, even though i've probably had about 30 hours sleep in the last 2 days. Yesterday i stayed in bed up until about 5 o clock, then i went to see Sex and Drugs and Rock and Roll, which was fabulous. Then i went back to bed straight afterwards.
Sex and Drugs and Rock and Roll is a biopic of Ian Dury, who used to be one of my favourite singers when i was a 15 year old punk. It was a deeply emotional film and Andy Serkis was absolutely amazing as Ian. They also did an amazing job on his prosthetic or cgi wonky leg.
Also as i was poorly i wore sort-of trousers for the first time in about 8 years, doing up the fly made me feel so masculine, and then i put on my big stompy dr martens as i've been wearing them a lot during the snow. All this combined has made me really reminiscent of my old punky looks and i sort of want to return to it occaisionally, but it's difficult because i like being so feminine these days. I sort of want to bring that raw, grungey sexuality of the punk look to my fashion, but still in a girly way. No trousers, that's for sure. I do miss my mohawk though :P

I've added a few extra bits to my blog sales, please have a look:
hopefully i'll be feeling better soon and can get the clothes and things up.
also i've added some new givaways to my list so check them out for more chances to win :D

Also here is a list of some reviews and things that should be coming up as soon as i stop being so rubbish!:

ELF studio line makeup
ELF studio line brushes
avon solutions winter skincare
Evil Shades haul and review
Spell cosmetics haul and review
Aromaleigh haul and review
Lime Crime vs TKB swatch photos
Benefit youre bluffing review

..whoa, i need to get my arse in gear! :P


  1. I hope you feel better soon!

    I know what you mean about wanting to return to the punk days and such. I used to be a goth all throughout high school, nothing but black. I think that's why I love color and frilly things so much now, I deprived myself of it for too long. I still whip out the combat boots every now and then, though. :D

  2. Lemon Bunny:
    I'm still a bit groggy and bunged up but 'm a lot better than i was, thank you for your kind wishes :)
    Hee hee! I just think i was a lot more 'cool' back when i was a punk. But i just don't think i suit it anymore, i'm too clownish and fluffy XD


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