Sunday, 24 January 2010

Lime Crime Versus TKB

i am not advising anyone to stop buying from lime crime if they wish to continue, nor can i say with absolute certainty that these swatches provide proof that the magic dusts are repackaged, this post is just to provide information and comparisons for anyone who wants it.

So as i'm still sparking with anger at the sexist, generalising antics of the self-appointed queen of unicorns *eyeroll* i would post my own swatches of her eyedusts versus TKB plain bog-standard wholesale micas, sold as an ingredient for eye-makeup for $1.50 for a huge sample bag (over a tablespoon).
I made videos showing swatches of these on paper in real time a week ago. At the time i made these videos (and when i made my most recent order from TKB) i hadn't checked the latest list of TKB dupes, so there are some i swatched which didn't match, but that's because i was going on an old list of the dupes.
The updated list is:
Pink Poodle- TKB cloissone red
Snow Queen- TKB Sparkle Turquoise
Elf- TKB apple green pop
Pompadour- TKB Colorona dark blue
Princess Caraboo- TKB Emerald
Primadonna- TKB Strawberry POP
Empress- TKB Grape POP
Nymph- TKB Hi-lite gold
Siren- TKB Hot Mama
Medusa- TKB Blackstar Blue
Circus Girl- TKB lemon drop POP
Fairy Wings- TKB Hi-lite violet
Enchant-TKB Blackstar Green
Shoe Addict- TKB Blueberry POP
Twilight- TKB Ballad Blue
Mermaid- TKB Coral Reef Blue
Duchess- TKB Indian Blue
Mirror Mirror- TKB Antique Silver
Dragon Scales- TKB Chameleon Glitter
Lime Criminal - Actually a blend! 50/50 TKB Lemon POP and TKB Green Apple POP

Next time i make an order i'm going to get the proper dupe of Dragon Scales and then will do a new video and swatches. Also i have a sample of 'vixen' which was one of the discontinued matte shades, which were rumoured to be unaltered oxides, pigments or ultramarines and so completely unsuitable to be used on their own as eyeshadows. I will see if i can find the match for that too.

Anyway here's my videos. There are some coming up showing them swatched on skin (and including the 50:50 blend for Lime criminal, not the incorrect dupes i show in this video.) , but i'm having trouble getting them on youtube for some reason.

If anyone is going to make a ridiculous comment about how I could have just put TKB in the baggies myself, if you watch the first video from the beginning you can see i bring the bags out of a closed envelope sent from the US. Also if anyone thinks that maybe Lorilyn who sent them to me might have just put TKB in herself, why would she have included 3 colours i couldn't match at the time? And on top of that, what on earth would i gain by lying about this?

Anyway today i took some photos of swatches on my skin, both wet and dry. I didn't bother with Dragon Scales or Vixen because i don't have the matching colours.
In each photo the Lime Crime colours are on the left, the TKBs are on the right, colours applied dry at the top and wet at the bottom.

Lime Crime's 'Siren' Vs TKB's 'Hot Mama'

Lime Crime's 'Circus Girl' Vs TKB's 'Lemon Drop Pop'

Lime Crime's 'Medusa' Vs TKB's 'Blackstar Blue'

Lime Crime's 'Lime Criminal' Vs TKB's 'Apple Green Pop' and 'Lemon Drop Pop' mixed in equal qualities (i did this really quickly by just getting a teaspoon of each colour and shaking them together in the pot. I think mine has just a tiny bit more green in it than the Lime Criminal sample, but is basically exactly the same).

As you can see, there is (at least to my eye) not a single distinguishable difference. The colours are also all the same 'vibrancy'. While i'm no expert on mineral makeup, I would assume if they had at least had an eyeshadow base added it would make the colour paler (as the base is white), please correct me if i'm wrong.

I don't know how to feel about the colour 'Lime Criminal' While when i think of a 'unique, handmade eyeshadow' I certainly would assume the creator had done more than just mix equal parts of 2 wholesale micas, but on the other hand it does show that at least she has had the slightest possible hand in making one of her eyeshadows, by deciding to mix 2 colours. At least it is not a straight repackage, but it really is nothing to brag about.

I really wish i had a way to swatch more of the colours, but i certainly am never going to buy her eye dusts just to make the comparison!

Hope this was helpful.


  1. You are correct Lillian. A true Eye shadow needs a base for slip and adheasion and therefore the color would be slightly altered.
    This whole thing makes me angry as I struggle to keep my tiny indie company afloat, working my arse off to truly create unique colors and quality products. She is rolling in money by ridiculously over charging people for products she just threw in a container and slapped her label on.

    All of my Indie sisters who are making it also worked hard and created their lines and their companies from nothing. It's very frustrating for those of us that are honest.

    Thank you for the comparisons and shame on her for tainting the world of Indie cosmetics!

  2. I've been using TKB micas as eyeshadows and I've started to notice that they don't stick very well, and they fade easily. Which isn't surprising, I guess, seen as they're meant to only be an ingredient. (But they look so pretty!)

    The Lime Crime swatches look exactly the same to me. I've seen other LC vs. TKB comparison swatches elsewhere and I'd say the same thing.

    So I doubt even Xenia wears 'her own' make-up as much as she claims...unless she's willing to put up with it fading so quickly :)

    Thanks for sharing this!

  3. Eep, you're adorable :) And anyone who accuses you of tampering with the swatches is just looking to troll.

  4. Thanks for this post. Very informative.

  5. I agree with the other commenters--thank you so much for posting this! Verrrry interesting, to say the least! ;)

  6. I wouldn't buy limecrime just coz I don't like loose powders!

  7. I normally just lurk on these blogs, but the sexism in some of her recent posts has REALLY pissed me off lately. The idea that men can't understand cosmetics is a ridiculous one (it's like saying women can't understand construction or football), and I rolled my eyes like crazy when I read her "of course I like it I'm a girl!"-type comment in one of her posts. If anything goes against the "open-minded" atmosphere of the beauty world, it's essentialist thought.

  8. Simone, a suggestion: apply them wet or use a REALLY sticky base. I use a Mehron palette with my TKB micas, and they stay one for ages. :)

  9. thanks for these - excellent swatches and you've just convinced me to buy from TKB (even if they charge me $12 to ship to Australia)


  10. Useful stuff, thankyou. I have most of the TKB 'dupes', but only saw a provisional list (so I have their Sapphire instead of the Colorona blue). That 'Vixen' looks like manganese violet maybe? it's the right shade of purple anyway (although I'm not sure which of the three they sell would be the closest.) I have to get some of that in my next TKB order.
    I was surprised actually by how interesting the micas are on their own. They're strong colours obviously but often have novel effects, a hint of iridescence and such.
    (Additionally I now have a new way to occupy the hours, making eyeshadows. I'm not doing it to sell, just personal time-wasting, but I can appreciate the difficulty of doing it as a job. Textures, bases... colour-mixing is the easy part.)

    And irrelevent, but I love the wee sketches on the packets!

  11. After researching all of the Lime Crime dupe rumours, I'm really sad to say that I was suckered into buying some of LC's products.

    Are they really exactly the same as TKB's colours? If they are then I will definitely spend my money wisely next time, as I do love the colours and think it would be great to get the same thing cheaper.

    I'm really disappointed, because the promotion of Lime Crime's product is quite nice, and I still really like the blog posts on fashion/makeup tutorials. Xenia/Doe is very good at promoting her product, if nothing else.

    That said, I will stick up for the one lipstick I have -- Countessa Fluorescent. It applies true to the colour shown on the website, and is long lasting. I will try some of the other lippies you've recommended previously (the samplers are piquing my interest!), but I will vouch for LC's lipsticks.

    Thank you for all of the informative posts! You've enlightened me, and better yet, I really like this blog. 8D

  12. Evil Angel:
    That's what i figured. The eyeshadow bases ive seen are all white, so i thought if you added even a tiny bit to the micas it would make them paler.

    It makes me angry too. Not only for poor hard working companies like yours, but for the customers who believe they're getting something they're not. It's just not fair.

    The whole repackaging scandal really has shown what makeup companies you can trust though, for instance someone asked beauty from the earth if some of their colours were repackaged. They admitted it, apologised and then made sure the colours were labelled clearly on the site and also discontinued most of them. So did aromaleigh. It just shows respect for your customers.

    I've worn the micas on their own too and i agree, they look pretty and aren't terrible but definately dont have the best sticking power.

    Aww thank you tea! I'm actually surpised i haven't been swamped by trolls, i guess maybe it's because they don't actually have any argument for why the swatches are identical.

    Jeweled Thumb:
    Glad you found it interesting!

    Thank you. The whole thing makes me very angry, especially as Lime Crime's market is targeted at quite young girls.

    he he. I'm not sure if you can even press plain mica...

    Yep, i completely agree! I really can't cope with her company, not only does she just lie to her customers, her products are inferior and she has bad customer service, and now she's sexist to boot!
    Its ridiculous to claim that the men behind the companies all must be sexist with absolutely no proof to back it up.

    you wont regret it anyway! The products are great and you get SO much for your money! Their $1.50 samples have more than a tablespoon of product!

    Glad you found it helpful!
    i think you're right about it being manganese violet :)
    You really can get some stunning colours, and while you're not meant to just use the micas on their own they work ok, just don't have much sticking power on their own. Which is why i don't see anything wrong with selling on micas, as long as you label them as such and don't claim they're a unique product you've formulated.
    And i completely agree, the sketches are delightful!

    I'm really sorry to say that in the colours i have, and all others i've seen, the tkb micas and lime crimes dusts are exactly the same. They feel the same too, nothing seems to have been added for slip or adhesion.

    And i agree, Lime Crime has some great marketing schemes, however lying to your customers is just never a good idea. I don't think there's anything wrong with still enjoying her blog, i just wouldn't trust any claims about her products in the future.

    I am glad you like your lipstick though. Ive seen lots of reviews, some hate it, some love it and some just think it's ok. Personally i really like some of the colours but would never by from her because of her ethics.

    I'm glad you like my blog too, and thank you for your comment :) I was fully expecting to get shouted down by Xenia's fans but so far that hasn't happened.

  13. dear lillian,

    in motion, you are even more beautiful. i hope you have changed your views about yourself by now :)
    i have also read about your determination to lose weight and fully support you. i lost about 15kg some years ago and it has made me much happier, plus it is just healthier. you go, girl! =D

    thank you for these videos. i had no reason to doubt others' claims before, but there is really nothing anyone could say about these videos faking anything.

    i still come across people who say: "i'm still buying lime crime because the packaging is so nice!"
    how hard should it be to make your own, customized, beautiful little pots?
    i'd rather see people buy tkb and donate what more they would have spent for lime crime to charity. because if you have that much money to spare that you're letting yourself be ripped-off willingly...

  14. Do you have any idea what LC Cleopatra might be from TKB? A girlfriend of mine is planning on doing some makeup photography, and she was going to buy LC before I talked her out of it. I passed on the list of dupes you've posted here, but noticed there wasn't a dupe for Cleopatra. Thanks in advance!! <3

  15. Hello,

    So i came upon your blog while reading all the drama on lime crime...i read her blog like about a year or so, i then noticed she started to change into "candy" it hit me, she is friends with some girl named PaintHead..who's blog i started to read, which i learned from Doedeere blogs...i noticed Doedeere blog started to "copy"'s slight, but you can see i am keeping quite of this because i want to gather some more evidence.....but Xenia blog started gearing into candy and colors..blah blah...
    that is what painthead blog is time goes on and i notice that when i read paint's blog a few days later i see doe makes a similar post..i thought at first is was a coincidence..but no it kept going and still is

    Here are some can also tell by the DATES..who wrote it first and you can tell she is looking at her blog, i follow paint's and i can tell Doe is looking
    at her blog.....let's keep this shhhhh for now until we get more stuff, then we can expose her on this scam as well.

    Proof 1:
    I saw this post on painthead's blog
    about packaging and then Doe writes this post, how she is re making her package for her make-up

    Proof 2:
    Paint did a post on snow and added a photo of her front
    then doe makes a post, kinda the same photo??

    Proof 3:
    Paint does a post on "guyliner"

    then Doe does as well, days later

    Proof 4:
    Then paint does a post on sugar pill, and how amy "shrinkle" started in EBAY

    Doe then writes about her "days in ebay"

    Proof 5:
    Paint makes a post on how everyone is going made for Alice in wonderland, like from dolls to nail polish

    Doe makes a post on that topic as well, and uses the SAME O.P.I nail polish photo

    Proof 6:
    This one takes the cake...she is
    also looking at older post of hers..paint did a post a year ago on this pretty dress
    by Mori lee

    and Doe does this post on it

    She is CLEARLY copying and looking at painthead's blog..stealing her post because she can't come up with her own.
    Makes you wonder , where she gets her ideas from, she is not at all original, she is a lier, and even if she is inspired by
    painthead she COULD at least give credit to her for making her known in polyvore and making her blog what it is.
    poor Painthead, she is a cool person. It's pretty sad how people think she is this super original person and she is not, she is a fake and
    takes people's ideas ugh...freaking people, people NEED to know about this.

    Thanks for listening
    Love Angie

  16. HeyHey,
    Im an avid lover of your blog because of this article! I recently discovered lime crime and loved the colours, but quickly discovered the scandal. There was no way i was going to pay those prices!!! I just ordered every dupe off TKB, bar hot mama *out of stock :(, a fave too* and was wondering how quickly your haul shipped? i payed $14 ><
    thankies, noodle xxx

  17. hello there

    you're fabulous!!!! what a delight you are...thanks for your hard work, pursuit of what's fair and for saving me $$$$. your list is wonderful, but am just wondering if you have any idea what the TKB equivalents of a few other LC shades.....
    # Cleopatra
    # Vixen
    # Troubadour
    # Treasure Chest
    # Abracadabra
    # Top Hattie
    # Cupcake Thief

    i'm aware you don't buy them, but perhaps someone may know.

    many many thanks, maddie xxxxx

  18. (Disclaimer: This is totally just a guess because I don't have the LC versions to swatch--I refuse to pay for them, so there you go--but I'm getting pretty good at picking them out on the TKB site.)

    Partial Dupes List:

    Troubadour - Pisces Blue
    (When I saw it on the TKB site I was all like OMFGpretty! and was not surprised at all when it came out as "Troubadour".)

    Top Hattie - Starluster
    (I just got Starluster in my last TKB shipment, amazing as a highlight.)

    Treasure Chest - I think it is True Yellow

    Cleopatra - fairly certain it's Crucible Gold

    Cupcake Thief - looks like Pearl Pink

    Abracadabra - looks a lot like Brilliant Glitter Red

    Note: There is a HUGE difference between the pics on the LimeCrime shop site and those on the TKB site but once you start looking at comparison swatches and compare them to the pics on the sites, you'll start to get a feel for how each company photographs (or in Doe's case, photoshops) their products. Then you can start picking out the dupes. =)

  19. Note: I was wrong.

    Cleopatra - actually Tangerine POP!

    (The pic I was looking at of Cleopatra looked way more gold than orange but once I saw some comparison swatches, my mistake was quite obvious.)

    Sorry 'bout that. =(


  20. most of the colors in her new site are different and gotten discontinued. i guess because she got discovered. I personally feel she out bought all of TKB's POP Colors for her own use for her line because TKB used to sell them and now they don't no more.

  21. i think Troubadour looks more like Coral Reef Blue:


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