Sunday, 3 January 2010

Tomorrow it is my birthday! Hooray, people bring me gifts simply to celebrate the fact that 22 years ago i was born!
Tonight we went out to celebrate by eating at my favourite restaurant, Marine Ices, who do the worlds greatest tomato pasta and ice cream. I ate a hideous amount of food. Mmm food.
Today i've been taking a load of photos for upcoming posts, but the camera battery completely died before i managed to get them onto my computer. I'm hoping to get a new video up sometime this week (as well as quite a few written posts), i really enjoy making them but they somehow seem to take more effort than blog posts, even though they mean i don't have to take loads of photos of loads of products.
So next time i write i will be a whole year older! :D

Speaking of, i used to be very depressed around my birthdays because i had a Peter-Pan-like aversion to aging, wanting to be forever young and childlike. Now i am a lot better, looking forward to my new year of opportunities and so on that come with getting older. I think a big part of this has come from me having a lot of friends considerably older than myself nowadays. Not because of the obvious reason (compared to them i am young) but because i think 'wow, if i can accomplish half as much as ____ by his/her age i will be so happy' and i see how cool and fun and spontaneous and amazing people like my friends Foz and Mikey and Chris are and it just seems like age is completely irrelevant. I'm 22 and i can be friends with people who are 50 and that's wonderful and helps my self esteem by thinking that these wonderful people think i'm interesting and mature enough to be worth spending time with.

Also you get cake on your birthday *thumbs up*


  1. Happy birthday Lillian! I hope it's an awesome birthday and everything goes spectacularly <3

  2. Happy birthday Lilian! Hope you have an awesome day with awesome people and awesome cake.

  3. Happy Birthday! :)

  4. HHAPPPPIEEEEEEYHHHH BIRTHDAY LILLIAN, HOPE YOU HAVE A FANTASTIC DAY FULL OF FUN AND CAKE!Hope to see you again soon in another video if you can find the time! bisous xoxoxo

  5. Just stopping by to say I love your art & style!
    I saw your rant about Mrs. Deere on youtube and that's how I found it. If you still have a livejournal, I'd love to add you. I'm cha_mel_eon

    Happy Birthday, hope you don't get any gaffa-taped dresses or dubious lipsticks! xx

  6. I just read this post and it's awesome- your birthday is on the same day that my little son's.:)He was unfortnately little bit ill on his birthday.:( I hope you had great day and I'm sorry that I didn't read it earlier.

  7. Bhevarri:
    Thank you! I had a lovely day :)

    thank you! It was pretty awesome!

    thank you :)

    thanks so much! :D I really want to make a new video soon but things keep coming up X/ fingers crossed for next week!

    Melanie K:
    thanks so much, that's really sweet of you :)
    i do still have a livejournal, but at the moment i suck at updating it, i'm trying my best to get back in the swing though! I'll make sure to add you next time i'm on :)

    Awww i hope he still had a lovely day and is feeling better soon! How nice to share a birthday with him :)


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