Tuesday, 29 December 2009


Some people asked if i would show some of my artwork on this blog, so here is what i have finished most recently, a set of illustrations for a book that will hopefully be being published, albeit in a very small run. If it does get published it will be so so great for my career just to have some work circulating and if not it was still good practice.
These are all photos that need to be cleaned up on the computer, so just imagine them without the smudges and things :P


  1. Those are awesome! Lillian you are so extremely talented!

  2. These are soooo good! I hope the book goes well. I especially enjoy the cat picture, it reminds me of my kitty. :3

  3. Those illustrations are amazing! I really like the pig and the girl leaving the guy stranded. What I get from the pig illustration is that it shows they have emotions and feelings like humans, therefore shouldn't be treated like they don't. As an animal rights activist, I love it!

  4. Heh, the last one made me smile. They're all really fascinating, keep it up! :)


  5. Very pretty! The two I like most are the frog and the woman with the football. Beautyful!

  6. Beautiful! I love your art!

  7. Evil Angel:
    thank you so so much, you're too kind.

    Thank you! Fingers crossed it gets published, after that i don't really care how it does (though of course it would be amazing if it was a success :P)
    i like the cat too, except it's eyes. I just couldn't seem to get them right :/

    Lemon Bunny:
    Thank you so much. I think the pig is probably my favourite too. The story behind it is actually about a 'sapient pig' which were shown as an attraction. It shows the amazing intelligence that animals people deem stupid are capable of. Animal rights are very important to me too and i'm so glad you got such a glad reaction from the picture :)

    hee hee! Thank you! I'll do my best :)

    thank you! The woman playing football was one of the most fun to draw, i love looking at the fashions and the boots are one of my favourite bits of all the illustrations!

    thank you so much :)

  8. i just wanted to say an extra thank you to all of you. I'm always nervous about showing work on the web just because i fear noone will like it, so hearing compliments not only boosts my confidence but also just makes me so, so happy to know you enjoy looking at my work. Really that's the reason i paint, so even if nothing comes of these illustrations hearing your kind words makes it all worth while. xxx

  9. These pictures are beautiful.


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