Monday, 28 December 2009

100th post!!

I hope you all had a great christmas!
Mine was partly very stressful as my grandma and aunty came up and they are now very old, frail and going senile, so it really added to the usual stress of christmas. Dinner was very tasty, but there were so many people my sister Lydia and i had to sit on our own at a ridiculously tiny table. It was hilarious. Imade the pudding and it was really delicious if i do say so myself. In the afternoon I stayed at home alone for a few hours while my mum and Lyd took grandma and aunty back to worthing, unfortunately for them my aunty vomited all over the car about half way there D:! However the evening was lovely, we watched eastenders and gavin and stacey and other tv and i was recieved a load of amazing presents!

I was thoroughly spoiled, especially by my mum and girlfriend! I'm going to post pictures of what i got soon.

Today my girlfriend came home so we had a second chirstmas celebration! She made dinner this time and it was amazing, she makes the best roast potatos in the world. And i spent the day mainly cuddling her and watching movies, as a christmas day should be spent.

Lyds ferrets were staying with us, they have a cage in the bath but sometimes we let them run free around the bathroom. Feargal (the big boy ferret) worked out how to open the cage by pushing his mighty nose against the opening thing at the top so we had to weight it down. Rikku (a small, shrimmpy girl) managed to climb into the toilet, yesterday Feargal put himself back into the cage to go back to bed! And today Rikku managed to knock a jug over and it smashed. <3 Beauties. They've gone home now and i already miss them and their weird smell.

On wednesday i'm having a christmas celebration with my friends, then thursday is new years, don't know what i'm doing though. On saturday i'm going to my friend Foz's party in Brighton and then it's my birthday a week today! I'm gonna do my best to continue posting regularly, as it makes me happy, but i may be absent until after my birthday. Having said that i've finished the illustrations for the book i'm working on and don't have any paintings that need finishing, so i do have a lot of free time. We'll see how it goes.

In other news i'm watching the remake of Day of the Triffids. I've been with it from the very start and it's about to finish. I honestly have no clue what is going on.

I just wanted to say thank you again to all of you reading this. i've been at this blog for about half a year now and it really is so rewarding and i just hope you are finding it a fun and interesting read. I'm planning on doing another giveaway soon and i hope i can keep you interested with my posts. If you have any requests or ideas for my posts i'd be delighted to hear them!

Hope everyone had a wonderful christmas, tell me what you got up to and your loot! :D


  1. It sounds like you had a great holiday and I agree cuddling on the coach is the perfect way to spend a holiday!
    Hugs and Have a Happy Birthday!

  2. I was actually flying on Christmas Eve, and arrived in Singapore around 0015 on Christmas itself. I gave my mum a huge surprise arriving home, as she had NO idea I was coming back for the holidays. :D She was startled, but in a good way!

    As for gifts, I got to open them the night before I flew off and got a bunch of really cool things! I think my favourite gifts this year (other than gift certs to FanplusFriend and Retroscope Fashions <3) is a 16-cup rice cooker from my boyfriend's parents and a white lamp in the shape of a Siamese cat from my boyfriend. (It's this lamp, but in white

    He got it for me in remembrance of my own cat, who passed away in October. I'll be making a little blue paper collar for it :)

  3. Evil Angel:
    it was really nice, with a few exceptions, but that's part of the christmas experience :P Thanks so much for your kindness :)

    Wow, i bet that was the best christmas present your mum could have asked for :)

    Beautiful lamp! I've seen another version of it (or something similar) in the shape of a daschund and i really want it.
    I'm sorry to hear about your cat though.
    Hope you had a wonderful holiday!


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