Thursday, 17 December 2009

Barry M Lipgloss swatches

Cherry Glitter:

This one smells of a sort of synthetic cherry candy. I like it but i can imagine other people might find it sickly or unpleasant. This one is quite sheer and i wouldn't recommend wearing it on it's own as it can go on a bit patchy. However i LOVE this over the top of a red lipstick or lipliner, the glitter is beautiful and not at all gritty or rough and the sheer red makes the red base look even more vibrant.

Here it is over the top of a red lipstick (have since forgotten which one)

Tropical Tango:

This one is less sheer and looks beautiful on it's own, but i imagine it would look even more vibrant and special over an orange liner. This smells absolutely delicious, it reminds me of fruit salad chews (these are an old-school british sweet, i don't know anything it might compare to outside the uk) i cant imagine anyone would dislike it because to me it's so irresistable, but it's quite strong so again check the smell before you buy.

Also i added some new lip swatches to my Barry M lipsticks post here:


  1. wow im a lil jealous that i cant wear such outstanding colours on my lips - i think its just me but i always tend to by either reds or pink lip products just because i think i suits "olive/tanned" skin tones more =/ ow well i still get a kick from all your amazing swatches

  2. Thanks Angie. Pinks and reds are my favourites but i've started to like orange a lot recently. Orange probably wouldn't look so good on tanned skin but other colours like purple might look great!

  3. Thanks for your review!
    I was hoping it could be a dupe for Lime Crime glosses but its a shame to see how sheer it is!

    Thanks again, it really helped :)


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