Friday, 18 December 2009

DIY Lipsticks

So here are some pictures of the lipsticks me and my girlfriend have made.
So far we've made some really nice colours but are having real problems with the consistency and opacity. We've used a mixture of liquid dyes, powder pigments and micas and mixed them all with TKB lipstick base. The ones made with powder pigments have the worst pigmentation and are more like lip balms than lipsticks, the one made solely with mica is nice but dryer than the rest and the ones made with liquid dyes have the best colours but are more liquidy and more like a lip stain than a lipstick.
We've read up on it and think perhaps the tkb base has too much oil in it and we need to add some more wax to make the opacity better, but we can't be sure. If anyone has any experience and could help us out we would be really greatful.

made with powder pigments only

made with powder pigments and mica

made with mica only

made with liquid dyes only

made with powder pigments and liquid dyes

My girlfriend made this one with liquid dyes, powder pigments and mica

Claire made this one too, from liquid dyes only

made with powder pigments only

made with powder pigments only

it was a blast making these, but just slightly irritating that they haven't turned out brilliantly because we are certainly no experts and have never made makeup before, so we were rather hoping that the lipstick base would work well on it's own. Hopefully we can sort it out easily, it's just tricky to know what to do.


  1. Lipstick and gloss are a labor of love. From experiance I can tell you that it took me weeks to find a base formula that I was happy with. You can add a base powder to help with opacity and a little wax or solid coconut oil to thicken and solidify.

  2. These are really cool. I want to order some TKB stuff and try making some of my own makeup, too. I like the 2nd one a lot. :)

  3. Evil Angel:
    i guess i was being foolish and lazy thinking i could get away using a pre-made base! :P Thank you for the ideas, when you say i could add a base powder would that be the same as a base powder for eyeshadows, or is there a specific one for lipsticks? Thanks so much for your help!

    AxsDenied: that one's probably my favourite too!

    Thank you :) it's really fun to play around, i can't wait until i perfect the recipe.

  4. Have you played around with these lipsticks anymore? I wanted to try making some of my own. The base has really good reviews on the TKB site, but I can't find any actual swatches other than yours of lipsticks people have made with it. I was planning on getting the base, some lip liquids and then using some micas I already have, but it seems like that might not work out so well. Any additional advice?


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