Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Secret Santa!

Today i recieved my present from Sabrina at http://a-littleobsessed.blogspot.com 's Secret Santa :D Yay!

I was in the bath when the postman knocked. I had to run down in my towel to get my parcel, the poor postman was horrified :P Then i rushed back into the bath, but was so excited to have recieved this mysterious package i opened it then! XD

Here's the lovely box it arrived in and the card that came with it:

(behold as i try and cover my filthy carpet with paper and fail!)

and here's what was inside the box:

(there were more Lindors but they may have been eaten in the bath... )

I love how everything colour-coordinates! The nail varnish is absolutely stunning and i can't wait to try it out, and i'm looking forward to making a nice eye look with the pencil. And Lindors are one of my absolute favourite chocolates :D

Anyway thank you so much Ellie! If you read this give us a comment so i can read your blog :)

I really hope the girl i am acting as santa for has got her present and likes it!


  1. Lindors are my favorite chocolate! I love the little matching bag!

  2. Lindors are just delicious, i've seen exciting flavours like raspberry and peanut butter before, i want to try them all.
    Isn't it cute? All colour matching :D

  3. OMG that has happened to me before! My mailman is super ornery and last time, I was in a towel like dancing around or doing something silly when he started banging on the door. I totally panicked and kept telling him "wait!" while I raced around trying to find some clothes! When I finally opened the door I was like "I was naked!! Sorry!" He literally dropped the box and walked away without saying A WORD. So embarrassing.

    PS...Emailed you something funny XD


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