Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Review - Sleek Pout Polish

This little beauty was doing the rounds on a lot of blogs a while back. When it first came out Sleek sent out some samples to some beauty bloggers and the reviews were overwhelmingly positive. When i saw these reviews i had terrible chapped lips (which i now have again :/) and they were so sore i couldn't wear my usual heavy lipsticks. I usually hate going out without lipstick on, i feel vulnerable with a naked lip (:P) so this looked amazing to me, a balm that will heal my lips while providing colour that isn't too sheer.

And basically, all of the positive reviews are absolutely true! This stuff is fantastic!

Here's what Sleek say about it:
'Sleek MakeUP is proud to announce the newest member to its lip range; welcome the “POUT POLISH,” a tinted lip conditioner that provides a sheer gloss finish.

As well as looking good, your lips will feel good as POUT POLISH contains SP15 to protect your lips from harmful rays. Highly conditioning POUT POLISH contains shea butter, almond jojoba and avocado oil to deeply nourish your lips so you can pucker up with confidence.

As if this wasn’t enough reason to make POUT POLISH your latest handbag essential this small pot of goodness has added flavour, so if you have a sneaky lick of your lips you will be met with a subtle hint of vanilla.

Drench your lips with pout perfecting moisture in one of 4 perfect shades; Electro Peach, Pink Cadillac, Chocolate Kiss and Perfect Plum come together to give your pout an instant perk. With a delicate tint of colour that gives a subtle sheen to lips, rest assured that whilst your lips are alluring to the eye, they’re nourishing.
Every make-up bag should contain a POUT POLISH have you got yours?

Available in Superdrug from September 2nd. Limited Offer: Any 2 for £6.99, RRP £3.91'

(please ignore my messy room again!)

This stuff is great. For under £4 you get a nice big pot of the creamiest, smoothest balm with amazing colour and shine. It immediately makes my lips feel better, and honestly i don't know how, but it really did seem to 'heal' my lips after just a few applications. The chapped-ness seemed to have melted away and my lips were really soft again.

I really like the packaging too, the pot is flat and wide so dipping your fingers into it is easy as pie, and i think the matte lid with it's name and motif looks really classy and quite high-end looking.

The colour i have is Pink cadillac which is a great, vibrant bubblegum pink. It is sheer, but buildable so you can actually get a nice pigmented lip, in fact if you build this up it can look stronger than a lot of lip glosses i've tried in the past. The colour is just really lovely.

So i really love this, as you can tell, but this product does have a problem which is the 'vanilla' scent that sleek describes is s. I cannot stand it. To me it isn't recognisably vanilla. It's sweet but horribly synthetic and it tastes slightly soapish. I really hate it. Taste and scent are a personal thing, so i'm sure there are people who would have no problem with it (in fact i've read reviews where people either like it, or are neutral to it, but never seen anyone else who hates it like i do), to me it is really quite foul. Luckilly though after a few minutes the taste/smell isn't really noticeable so once i get over my initial disgust i can cope with it, and all in all it's quite a small flaw in an otherwise faultless product.

My superdrug hasn't had these in stock for ages now. When i got mine they only had pink cadillac and chocolate kiss in stock, but testers of the others. Electro peach was beautiful, a very bright orangey peach and i'm hoping to get it as soon as it comes back into the store! I did't like the other two, but they were all very nicely pigmented.

So all in all this stuff is highly recommended, but give the pot a sniff (and maybe give your swatch a tiny lick) when you test the colours!

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  1. I did a swap a few months back with a UK girl and got to get my hands on these goodies! I have Electro Peach and Pink Cadillac, and I absolutely ADORE them!! I always have really chapped lips no matter what I do (seriously, it's messed up!) but these babies really look and feel great. I don't mind the smell or taste though like you do. Personal preference, I think! Plus, (just learned this in bio class) we all have this chemical in our brains that makes overwhelming scents disappear so we don't get overstimulated. So, your gloss might still smell or taste nasty after 5 minutes, but you won't notice it anymore. Isn't that neat? Ha weird fact of the day!!


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