Wednesday, 16 December 2009

TKB Trading Haul

About 2 months ago my girlfriend and i made a huge order from TKB Trading. When it arrived we were so excited, the stuff is amazing!

Ok so we got:
1 pound of lipstick base.
17 1/2 fl. oz bottles of liquid lip colourants
40 10 gram jars
5 samples of glitter (these arrived in a brilliant set of stacker jars, which we were not billed for!)
22 samples of mica
3 samples of pigments
and 1 planetary sampler, which contains 7 samples of colour-shifting mica.

A TKB Sample is huge. For $1.50 you get over a full tablespoon of mica or pigment. There are a few exceptions to this though, for instance in the planetary micas we got the sample is a full teaspoon because these colours cost more to produce. But

And all of this, including shipping to the UK came to less than $150, which is about £90. So seeing as we were sharing we paid less than £45 each. To me this is AMAZING value. We have been playing with the lipstick base (will post some pictures tomorrow, but at the moment we are having some problems getting them to be opaque) and using the jars to make our lipstcks in, at a guess i think the 1 pound of lipstick base we bought could fill about 50 of the 10 gram jars!
The mica powders are beautiful and can be used as eyeshadow on their own or mixed with a base (which is going on my next order) to make them last better and adhere more. The glitter is stunning and will be a brilliant in lipsticks and eyeshadows and everything!



  1. I can't wait to see the lip colors you make. I make gloss and it's messy and a pain in the ass but I love it!

  2. I received a TKB haul today myself - not as big as yours, and I didn't order any of the lipstick stuff, but I'm looking forward to mixing my own eyeshadow colours! I can't wait to see what you do with yours!

  3. How was the little jars you got? What size were they? I really feel like buying some 3g or 5g jars, but I tried out Coastal Scents first. Love to get some samplers form TKB though :D

  4. Evil Angel:
    I love your glosses! I'm planning on buying a bunch of them after christmas when i have some money :)

    Vixel: we were so fed up with ourselves that we forgot to order any eyeshadow base! I'm going to have a go mixing pretty mica colours anyway and then later i can add base to it :) i'm going to post about my lipstick making adventures later on. Would love to see what you make with your eyeshadow stuff!

    Female claws: i got 10 gram jars and 40 of them was about $12. They're pretty big so i think i'm going to get some 5 gram ones in my next order :)


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