Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Merry Christmas everyone!

It's Christmas eve eve! :D
Thank you all for your comments on my recent posts, i went with the general consensus that my cherubim look was the best of my christmas faces and have entered that one in the competition (but it hasn't shown up yet, i got it posted by the deadline but maybe the administrator had to review it before the deadline, that would suck :() and i am so happy to say that my reverse rococo look is one of the finalists in the Mizz worthy Illamasqua out of the box competition. My fingers are crossed!

I should hopefully be back to blogging properly a few days after christmas. I have a lot of great reviews started and just recieved an amazing haul from aromaleigh i can't wait to share!

I hope all of my followers, or indeed anyone reading this, has a wonderful christmas, or just a nice holiday if you don't celebrate it.
I'm looking forward to sitting around sharing a nice vegetarian roast with my family and then snuggling up and watching the gruffalo and lots of other tv. I'll also be having an extra christmas celebration on the 29th when my girlfriend gets back from visiting her family. And then getting together with friends on the 30th, and then it's new years eve, though i probably will just celebrate quietly at home. And then it's my birthday on the fourth of january! I like this time of year.

Thank you for all your wonderful support, i only started this blog in the autumn but i can honestly say it's made a difference to my life, it's wonderful being able to share with like-minded people and everone i've met has been so kind and welcoming, thank you all.


  1. Hi Lillian - Hope you have a lovely Christmas - there is some news on my blog which may help! xxx

  2. Good luck! Have yourself a merry little Christmas :)

  3. Congratulations! :) A new reader here.

  4. Have yourself a merry little Christmas~~~ <3

  5. Thank you all, hgope you had the merriest of christmasses! :D


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