Thursday, 17 December 2009

Nigella Lawson is crazy!

I'm enjoying watching all of the christmas specials on the food channels at the moment. I just like everything about christmas, even watching the same basic recipes being made again and again by different chefs (even though most of them are meat-based so i couldn't actually enjoy the food, it just feels christmassy).
At the moment i'm watching a Nigella christmas special. The woman is just plain weird.
First of all she was putting tea in mulled wine (which just seems weird to me anyway) and said 'usually i like earl grey, but today im going for what you could call the vegetarian option, ginger and apple tea'. What? In what way is Earl grey not vegetarian? It boggles my mind!
Then later on she was making ginger bread christmas tree decorations. Along with the golden syrup, flour, sugar and ginger she ground in a whole load of black pepper! Saying it was so 'the kids don't eat them all'. Surely the entire point of making edible decorations is that you can EAT THEM! If not why not just make them from clay or something, that way you can reuse them year after year! I just don't understand at all.

We are looking after my sisters dog at the moment while they have some building work done. She is the sweetest thing ever, but so so nervous. It's very sad, she always seems worried. At the moment she's sleeping at my feet and i can tell she's dreaming because she's all trembly. Sometimes she barks in her sleep and it's just delightful. Good old pippa.

You may have noticed i've brought a load of posts over from my old blog. Originally that was going to be my personal blog and i'd keep this one just for beauty stuff, but then i decided against it. So now i will be posting entries like this, regular life posts, as well as beauty entries :)


  1. I love Nigella! Granted I've never seen the episodes you have mentioned, but her (older?) Christmas-themed episodes looked pretty delicious. I remember of my favourite episodes was when she made a Thai green curry - delish <3

  2. Oh i love her too! I just thought what she was doing on this episode ws just bizarre! Peppering your edible decorations? Craziness!
    But she always makes super yummy looking things, and i like that she's a bit lazy and will take nice short cuts lots of the time. Also i'm very envious of her figure :P


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