Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Mizz Worthy/Illamasqua contest entry 3 - Polka dotty

I decided to take a break from painting my face black by painting it pink! :P

This look was inspired by one of my favourite artists, Yayoi Kusama, who has seen hallucinations of patterns (usually polka dots) over everything for years and brings these patterns into her work.

Magical huh?

I was also interested after my face-painting yesterday to do a look that focused on the parts of the face we usually ignore. So i coloured my face, but left the bits i would usually cover (lips, eyes, cheeks) plain. Also i wanted the clean-skin bits to be circular like the little polka dots.

So what i did was just cover my face in little stickers, paint over the top with a neon pink kryolan aquacolour, then peeled them off and washed the bits of my face i wanted to be clean. And that was that. Again the execution is not great, some of the stickers slipped off my face so there are some patches where there are less spots then the rest of the face.

Oh and i wanted to say, while the look i created is completely my own design, i certainly am not the first person to paint polka dots on themselves, in fac Yayoi herself has covered her entire body in spots before.


  1. Another great one - sheesh Lillian, you are making our job of judging very hard! Lol xxx

  2. Evil Angel: thank you! I'm actually debating going out with polka-dot skin sometime, i think it's a cool look! XD

    Mizzworth: Thank you! I'm a stinker i know :P

  3. I just recently dragged my bf to the Yayoi Kusama installment in Wellington (New Zealand). He hated it! I thought she was an incredibly fascinating woman.

    They had one room that was set up like a living room in the 70's, all retro and the like. It was completely dark and every surface/object was covered in multi colored dot stickers, with black lighting so they were all glowing. I personally didn't understand it lol.

    Love the choice of inspiration and it looks great!


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