Thursday, 17 December 2009

Halloween! (repost from my old blog)

So here are some photos from my Halloween party. It was very small but very nice :)

group shot!

My girlfriend Claire, the dodo!

Amazing costume she made entirely herself

Ian/death having a drink

Omelette the cat being intrigued by Audrey 2's head

Being weird with Dead Phillipa

Oh no, i'm being eaten!

and giving my girlfriend a kiss. Man that this photo highlights the fact i have no jawline

Next year i am going all out, and am going to have the biggest, most ridiculously over the top party ever! You're all invited :)

Now i watch Doctor Who and the Waters of Mars. It's hilarious.


  1. the micky mouse outfit is absolutly cute :D
    the dodo outfit too - must have been loads of work to make.

    you also like doctor who?! awesome!

  2. Thank you! :D Yeah she took months to make the dodo.
    I have a love/hate relationship wth doctor who, i love the programme but hate David Tennant.

  3. it was worth the time!
    if you hate david tennant (i don't know why, personaly i quite like him, but tastes are different:) then hang on, only one episode to go and he'll be gone ;)

  4. It's hard to explain why i don't like him as the doctor (i like him in other things and have seen interviews with him and he seems really sweet) mainly it's for 3 reasons though.
    1. I really loved christopher eccleston's doctor and so was just a bit disappointed he was replaced so quickly by Tennant (although i think that was actually Eccleston's fault because he quit) and then everyone went on about how amazing tennant was and i just thought he was a bit overrated, especially as one of my best friends is in love with him and will not hear a bad word said about him.
    2. He sometimes makes the doctor seem like a huge know-it-all by going 'oh its a _____' everytime then encounter something new, there's never anything he needs comfirmation on!
    3. His face! I don't think he's ugly usually, but as the doctor he's always gurning and pulling these bizarre teeth-bvaring, chin-jutting faces! It frightens me a little :P
    How did you like the last 2 episodes? I thought they were great, but incredibly confusing.

  5. I found your blog when searching google for dodos. I can't believe I have finally found another person on the planet who hates David Tennant as the Doctor - I had believed I was the only one left (much like your girlfriend's dodo!). :)


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