Thursday, 10 December 2009

A day and night FOTD

Have finally finished all the illustrations! Phew, i've been so stressed!

Last tuesday i went up to The Foundry, which is a pub/bar/artspace that allows anyone to put their work up on various walls.

Here is my face of the tuesday:

And close ups:

check out my insanely bloodshot eyes!

I was wearing:
face: avon personal match tinted moisturiser in light, Barry M blusher in no. 3
eyes: Barry M Kohl pencil in no. 23, beautyuk glitter eyeliner in no. 5, givenchy phenomen'eyes mascara in black
lips: Barry M lip liner in no. 2, Rimmel vinyl 1000 carat lipgloss in Steal the show

Here is my night look, which was basically my day face but with some foundation and red lipstick:

Here's the changes:
Face: Nyx liquid foundation in LM01 Pale, ELF complexion perfection powder, Collection 2000 illuminating touch concealer in naked.
Lips: Revlon Matte lipstick in Really Red

And here's (most of) my wall and some people i don't know :P :

Last night i went to take my work down and discovered that between saturday night and sunday night someone stole 3 of my paintings. I am terribly upset about it. They weren't my favourite pictures or anything, but when you work hard and put your creativity into something and someone can just get away with taken things. This is how i'm going to make my living! It's just very hurtful.

I've been a very naughty poor person and had a huge haul recently. I just watched Confessions of a Shopaholic and found myself relating much too much to the main character! D:

Anyway i have a lot more time to blog now, so i'm back babeh.


  1. How horrible that someone would steal your art like that! Congratulations on getting it all finished and up on the wall though.

    I love your evening look.

  2. That is aweful that someone would steal your art!
    You look gorgeous!

  3. Ah your lips look amazing in the 'day' photos. So lovely and glossy :). Can't believe someone would steal your art - some people are vile. :( xo

  4. I feel your pain! I had a piece stolen from a public library. Don't ask me HOW they got it out... So sorry to hear that!

  5. You look great! ^^
    I can't believe someone stole from your exhibition! Why do people do this kind of stuff?
    That's not good! I hope they'll get caught or something! ò.o


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