Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Giveaway winner announced

Internet is fixed! And yet our landline phone still isn't working, it's really weird!

So without further ado i shall announce the winner of my first giveaway (drum roll please)

And the winner is...


How i worked it out:
your comments were listed first to last (Tanya = no. 1, L.F. = no.2 etc etc)
Then i used random.org to generate a random number:

And the 11th comment was Ash!

Please email me at queen-cry-baby@hotmail.com and we can get your prize sent out to you :)

I hope to be back posting regularly now, but there won't be any full length reviews for a while as i have a sudden deadline for some illustrations as well as an art show starting tonight (if anyone happens to be around Old Street pop round the Foundry pub :D) but i should have hauls, FOTDs and vids coming up as soon as possible.

Thank you all again for following. I had a lot of fun doing the giveaway so hopefully i'll do another one soon!

I've been going through my dashboard, but there's just been so much posted since the internet died! D: So please do forgive me if i don't comment, i promise i am reading.


  1. oh my gosh thank you!! Haha I was having such a 'blah' day, this totally brightens it ;)


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