Friday, 18 December 2009

A lot of christmas looks

Hi everyone,
I want to enter this superdrug competition here:
basically you just have to show your 'favourite party look' using products available at superdrug.
I decided to do christmas-themed makeup instead of any sort of sparkly party look. Perhaps this isn't wise, because they don't ask for it to be christmassy, but hey it's more fun this way.
Anyway i had loads of ideas but i'm only allowed to enter one look, so i thought i'd do them all and ask you lovely people which one you like best. Any input you guys can give me would be really really greatly appreciated! :)


gold glistening skin, gold eyeshadow with white/blue eyeliner and highlight, false lashes, rosy cheeks and coral cupids bow lips.

Holly punk:

matte pale skin, matte red lips, dark green eyeshadow.

Glitter poinsettia:

green glitter eyeliner, red lips with red glitter lipgloss

Misteltoe and wine:

wine coloured lipstick, various green eyeshadows, white eyeliner.

So have a look and tell me which one is your favourite and i would be most greatful.
If anyone else is entering let me see your looks please! :)


  1. Hi lovely, definately Cherubim!!! looks very beautifu, good luck with the contest!!! xoxoxo

  2. I like them all but Cheribum rocks!

  3. Haha, I'm thirding this - Cherubim is my top choice, followed by Glitter Poinsettia :)

  4. My favorite is Mistletoe and Wine. I think it looks mysterious and sexy. I <3 white eyeliner.

  5. I like glitter poinsettia the best! Love the sparkling green.

  6. Glitter Poinsettia! The colors look great together, and on you!


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