Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Various pictures from a while ago.

Firstly here is one of the Elf coats i mentioned having to make for a friend:

It didn't fit me, so it looks really bad. Also in the poor lighting you cant see it but i sewed bells, sequins, beads and so on all over it :)

A plainish casual sailor outfit i liked:

here is my makeup, which i really liked, but my face looks rather demented:

And another days look:

And finally me and my girlfriend:


  1. You two are the most adorable couple!
    Aqua eye shadow is beautiful on you, love it!

  2. Look at you two beautiful blonde bombshells!! =) She reminds me of Gwen Stefani & someone else... can't think of who at the moment. I got one of those berets at Forever 21 for only $3!

  3. OMG you guys are so cute! I love that blue eyeshadow too!

  4. such a cute couple! and i especially love your beret look! <33

  5. Evil Angel:
    aww thank you! :)
    I really like wearing aqua and blue eyeshadow, but sometimes i feel it detracts from my eyes, and i really like their weird blue colour.

    Thank you! I got my beret from Primark (which if you don't know is a british chain that is insanely cheap) for around the equivalent of $3. I've seen them sold for like $30! Bargain!

    Awww thank you so much :) you're very sweet.
    I wish i could remember what the blue was!

    Thank you! :) I got the beret from Primark :P


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