Thursday, 17 December 2009

updated repost from my old blog

The British Book-Store Chain Books Etc has gone bust, which is sad, but in a way i'm pleased because there is a small second-hand bookshop near me which is still going strong, and that makes me happy.
Anyway i picked up some things from the local Books Etc's closing down sale:

So i got the best of Jackie, a book of prints from the Day of the dead (i love Day of the Dead stuff, my dad's been to mexico on the day and it sounds amazing, I am very envious) and a book that is basically 'the big book of serial killers'.
Yes i am one of those people who really likes reading/watching/learning about serial killers. But then i like reading/watching/learning about most things.

I'm watching Jeepers Creepers 2, which is one of the gayest films i've seen in a long, long time. I don't mean gay in the new sense (as in a synonym for crap) i mean literally gay. It's incredibly homoerotic. The beginning 3/4 of an hour of the film basically involves a bus full of shirtless, oiled up high school boys running around a cornfield, peeing in large groups and alluding to one and others sexuality. There are only 4 female characters (in a cast of about 25) and they are basically given no character, only get tiny bits of dialogue and are so completely inconsequential i can only imagine they are there to stop the whole thing looking like a gay porn (which doesn't really work)

Aah i love trash.

My poor Guinea-pig Lettice has got a dodgy eye :( we took her to the vet and hopefully it's ust an infection, but she still might lose it. It only happened two days ago, one minute she was fine, the next her eye was red and cloudy and sad. Poor girl.

poor Lettice died a few days after i wrote this. We don't know what happened, it was really sad. Lettice was such a lovely spirited piggy and now the other two are all sad and the cage seems so much more quiet :( RIP Lettice.


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