Tuesday, 15 December 2009

MizzWorthy Illamasqua contest entry - "Inside the box"

This is the first look i came up with for the fabulous Mizz Worthy's contest, the theme of which is 'Think outside the box'.

I decided it would fun to do a look actually using a 'box' by drawing a square on my face, in this way i'd be thinking outside the box by being inside a box :P

As you can see i didn't do the best job, it is much, much harder than you would think to draw a square, straight shape on the curves of your face! I also wanted the main focus to be on the square framing the face, but knew i still wanted to do something different with the rest of the look, so i decided to do a twist on my 'standard' beauty look (big eyelashes, dolly-pink cheeks and painted lips).

I first used my NYX highlight liquid all over the face to make it a bit lighter than usual and add some luminosity, then i set it with ELF complexion perfection. I used 4 pieces of masking tape to make a square around my face, i drew along the edges and peeled the tape off, then filled between the line and the rest of my face with a black face paint. It then took me about half an hour to get it straight. Not only it it just difficult to draw a straight line on a curved surface, but on some places you actually have to make the lines curve in order to appear straight D:

The rest of the face was very simple, i applied NYX false eyelashes and some mascara thenused my ELF eyebrow treat and tame to brush my eyebrows upwards to give them an unruly look. I just drew circles on my cheeks with a Barry M pink eye kohl and made a sort of angular-cupids bow lip with a matching pink Barry M lip liner.

I quite like the results, i think it's a good idea, just poorly executed. At one point i was going to just keep it very simple by just having the box and no other makeup, but i think it looked a lot better when i added the strange clown-like face into the box.


  1. Thanks so much for your entry! I am just catching up now, as I have been doing night shifts, so apologies for the delay acknowledging your entries!


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