Thursday, 17 December 2009

Sexy Men! (repost from my old blog)

So i've seen a tag going around called something like 'men i fancy that i really shouldn't'. Well for me every man i like is like this! I fall deeply in lust, think they're the sexiest thing in the world, tell friends and then am confronted with 'WHAT?? He's HIDEOUS!! Ha ha ha ha!'
I swear (with the exception of Johnny Depp and George Cloony, who i do think are attractive but don't really 'fancy') any man who is considered conventionally attractive seems ugly to me!

So here are the men that i lust after:

David Mitchell:

He is the king of the sexy men! I actually go all flirty when he comes on the tv or radio. I just think he is perfect.

Eddie Argos:

PHWOAR!!! He's friends with Mikey so sometimes i see im in the flesh and he's just gorgeous. I think his little paunch and huge eyebrows are a real turn on.

Charlie Brooker:

I've actually gone off him a bit recently because he's just getting a bit predictable. I do still think he's got a great face. Like a sexy toad.

Bill Nighy:

Ok, less weird of a crush i think, but still he's so so much older than me it seems a bit weird. Also he looks ever so slightly like my Dad which makes me worry about myself :P

Jarvis Cocker:

My second ever crush (first one was Damon Albarn, ick), i used to watch the Common People video and be a very happy 8 year old. And he's still just gorgeous. I like his weird little beard and straggly hair and particularly his bean-pole body.

Carl Hill:

The only person on the list who isn't a celebrity of some sort. He is my frenger (not quite friend and not quite stranger) and the only man i have ever asked out (he said yes but then it never happened because he is even more flaky and frustrating than Mikey). When i told my friends of my crush on him i was very much laughed at. I'm not enamoured with him anymore thank god, but i still think he's good looking.

So anyone else share my passion for the less conventionally beautiful of men? Or do you all agree with my friends and family that i am just a huge weirdo :P


  1. Bill Nighy is hawt! I also lust after Alan Rickman, Seth Green.. There are also other unconventional ones (I have hard time remembering them, I'm having a flu). My boyfriend even says that lusting after jake Gyllenhaal is not entirely normal :P Also, Monty Pythons are pretty damn smoking...

  2. Bill Nighy is the one person that basically all the women in my family fancy! I thought Jake Gyllenhaal was a huge heartthrob for loads of women?
    Hope you're better now!

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