Thursday, 17 December 2009

Guildford Exhibition (re post from my other blog)

A few months ago i had a near disastrous exhibition at the Presence Art Space in Guildford. Firstly due to my social phobia and the slight flakiness of Suzie (the owner of the space) it took me about 2 months to actually sort ot when i would be exhibiting. Then less than a week after i had put my work up i recieved word from Suzie that the space was having to close down (due to something to do wth council taxes). It was really a shame because Suzie had paid the rent for the space, which was a disused shop, for a year, and it was a non-profit cultural busness she was running, but the council wanted to charge her the taxes for a shop just because that is what the building was made for.
Anyway it was still worth it because Suzi was a wonderful person who said she'd like to do something with me in the future, and some Guildford Council people saw my work, so hopefully something good will come out of it.
Anyway heres some pictures.

It's a real shame that the space is a bit derelict looking because the amount of space i had was amazing!

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