Friday, 18 December 2009

Morgana Minerals Haul

About a week ago i recieved my order from Morgana Minerals . This was my first order from the site and actually my first order from any mineral makeup company! I didn't get much but was very impressed with what i did recieve

I was the most excited by the fact that Morgana makes mineral lipsticks, something which seems quite rare for a company to do, and as you may have gathered i LOVE lipsticks. So i bought myself 2 full tubes and 6 samples. The samples come in a tiny ziplock bag and i guess are a few scrapes of the lipstick of your choice. for 50 cents the sample is generous and will easily last for 2-3 applications, which is more than enough for you to make your mind up about the colour. However i found it quite difficult to apply the lipstick neatly because the lipstick stuck to the sides of the baggy very easily. also i found it a bit messy to stick my finger into the bag to get to the lipstick. I think it might be easier if the sample was in a jar, but then they would cost more. However those tiny problems aside, the lipsticks are wonderful. The colours are strong and well pigmented and the formula is creamy and really lovely feeling on the lips. Here are lip swatches of all the colours i tried (you can see the ones that were samples are applied a lot less cleanly than the 2 i have a full tube of):


this is one i bought a full tube of. It is described as 'a matte black with silver hologram sparkle'. To me this doesn't have any discernable scent and none is mentioned on the website. I must say i was a bit disappointed with this one. While it is black with sparkle the sparkle isn't particularly noticeable and when i can see it it just shows up silver to me, i haven't noticed any hologram effects. If like me you already own a black lipstick i really don't think this one is different enough for you to need this one too. But if you don't own one and want one this one is really nice, the opacity is great, the formula is lovely and the small amount of sparkle is pretty and a nice touch, but again if you already have a black lipstick it's not really so different for you to need this one as well.


This one is really lovely. It's a dark turquoise which is a bit on the green side. Very unusual and pretty. Again applies lovely and creamily and is opaque in 1 - 2 coats. Again i couldn't discern any scent and the website doesn't mention one.

icy aqua:

Beautiful. Like Turquoise but paler or indeed 'icy'er. I can't acually decide if i like this one more or less than Turquoise but i wouldn't buy this one as they are so very similar to each other. Again no scent.


A very dark almost greyish blue-purple. My least favourite of the 3 purples i tried but i know a lot of people love this colour.

shrieking violet:

I LOVE this one. It's just a beautiful colour. A really true but vibrant purple. I will definately be getting a full size of this. This one smells slightly of grape to me, but it could just be me.


Finally one where the website tells me what the scent is! This one smells distinctly of american grape candy or soda, i hate the taste of those things but really like the smell so it gets a thumbs up from me. The colour is a very dark, blueish purple. This one is very unusual again and while i prefer shrieking violet because it's brighter i can imagine this one attracting a lot of people because it's an exciting and strange colour for lipstick.

metallic maiden:

Beautiful, another one i'm going to be buying a full size of soon. This is basically a metallic bright red. Most metallic red's i've seen in the past have been a bit brown or plumish, this one is a pure true pillar box red but with a silvery metallic finish. This one smells utterly delicious, like red licorice.


This is meant to be a very dark blackish red. On the website it tells you to only use one coat otherwise it will become almost black, but to me this was basically black in one coat!

And here are swatches on my hand:

left to right
top: cauldron, turquoise, ice queen, metallic maiden
bottom: ravenna, shrieking violet, grape, nightshade

I also got 3 samples of glitter. These samples also come in a ziplock baggy, but that isn't any problem at all with the glitters. The sample size is very generous at $1 for a gram. 2 of the colours i got, Hottie (a bright neonish pink with blue reflects) and Siren (a plain red glitter) are beautiful but nothing that couldn't be found other places, although you can get them nice and cheaply here. However the third i got, Changeling, is one of the most amazing glitters i have ever seen. It is a dark mix of purple with bright green and fuschia reflects. I cannot describe how absolutely stunning this is.

left to right: changeling, siren, hottie, glitter ghoul
(this photo doesn't do changeling or glitter ghoul any justice and also makes my hand look insanely hairy! D:)

And finally i got a 5g jar of 'Glitter ghoul' eyeshadow from their 2009 halloween collection. It came full to the brim. Another amazing product, this is a matte, very opaque black with tiny sparkles in pink, green and blue.

Oh and i also bought some 10gram jars as i ordered before i knew i was making a tkb order. They were very well priced at 35 cents each.

Would i order again? Absolutely! When i have some money i'm going to be buying full sizes of 2 of the lipsticks i got samples of, shrieking violet and metallic maiden, several of their new christmas lipsticks and a lot more samples of other lipsticks from their main range. They're also bringing out a new set in january too so maybe some of them will get added to my casket basket :P
I think i'd also get a full size of Changeling because i love it so much and perhaps some other glitters and eyeshadows, but i haven't decided what yet.

I would highly recommend you check them out :)


  1. I actually was going to place my first order from Morgana Minerals today, until I realized there was a $20 minimum. I'll have to wait until my next paycheck >.< I think the metallic maiden is so pretty on you!

  2. thats to bad about ravanna, blacked red sounded really interesting.

    but the blues look great.

    i also really want to try out the green liptsick.

    I can't wait to buy from there, and the owner is really nice. she let me interveiw her for a school thing, and she gets back to you with emails really fast!
    arg why is my xmas money not here yet!?

  3. Ohhh! I've also got my Morgana Minerals order a few days ago!
    I really like mineral companies!

    I ordered some lipstick samples and I love grape! I've never thought I'd look pretty in such a dark color but I did!

    I have also tried Medusa, the green one! I have swatches on my blog:

    My sister loved Azalea so much I think I'll buy her a full tube someday!

    She also have good eyeshadows!

    I can't wait to see her christmas lipsticks!

  4. Heather:

    boo, hope your paycheck comes soon! They've got soma amazing stuff, i barely scraped the surface. Thank you, i'm definately getting a full size of metallic maiden.

    yeah, i guess it would be very hard to make a black-red that's not too dark but dark enough to be unusual.
    The green one looks amazing, with the gold reflects! I'm getting a sample in my next order.
    And how nice of the owner! :)

    I saw your lip swatches on the morgana forum before, medusa looks stunning! And i really like azalea, it looks more unusual than i thought before, less of a regular fuschia and more blue.
    I can't wait to see the christmas lippies either, i bet a lot of my christmas money will be going on them :)

  5. Loved the turqouise....on my wish list!


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