Saturday 16 March 2013

Google Reader thingamybob

So you may have seen that google has decided to get rid of it's 'google reader' service. I am a bad bad blogger and don't fully understand what this means so I direct you to these posts which explain it better than I ever could.
Something I am genuinely baffled by is that I honestly don't know if I use google reader! To read the blogs I follow I just log into blogger and then the blogs are all listed there. Is that google reader? 
Sorry I'm a moron.


  1. Nope that's Blogger you read it though (I had to get a friend to explain it to me the other day :) ).

    This is Google reader:

    There is some debate that GFC might be going to, so a lot of people are "claiming" their blog on there. I only joined yesterday and so far much prefer it to read blog posts.

    1. Thank you! I was confused as I'd never actually heard of google reader before everyone started posting about it closing! (and is blogger owned by google? I thought it was but now am aware I could be very wrong :P)
      I really hope GFC stays! It will be such a pain to set up all the blogs I follow again! Sigh.

    2. I think Blogger is owned by Google, which doesn't help the confusion!!

      I've joined Bloglovin and you can get it to follow all the blogs that you already follow through GFC :)

  2. I've been reading about this and had the same response of "....Wait, what?" I think reading through blogger will stay the same, but if GFC goes I'm going to be so lost and it'll be awful trying to find all the blogs I follow.

  3. I use both GFC and bloglovin, since wordpress blogs dont have GFC. A lot of people seem to be switching to bloglovin and I think it's just easier to have everyone in one place. I also like that you can make categories in bloglovin for different themed blogs :)

  4. Hello, I've been doing some profile snooping and saw yours mentioned The Lost Boys as an interest!! Im a big fan too!! Could you please take a look at my blog ( and maybe even follow? Thanks heaps!
    Love EJ xx

  5. I was worried about this too, but apparently Google Reader is different than just using your dashboard thingy. However, it is really hard to get deleted blogs off of you following list in the dashboard and such so I am going to try to use Bloglovin'.

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