Friday, 26 February 2010

Morganas Minerals lip swatches

So i managed to try on every one of my new samples of lip sticks to show you what they look like on my lips. The consistency of a few made it difficult to get a clean application, i think usually this had to do with my having difficulty using the samples (applied them with a lip brush this time around) but a couple had a slightly 'grainy' texture. The majority of them were creamy and absolutely gorgeous. There are so many i want/NEED full tubes of!


This one is beautiful, but the description said it has green sparkles and i could not see any myself.

Violets Kiss

I found this one the hardest to apply evenly, it was just a bit grainy.

Very Cherry

Amazing ever so slightly sparkling true red. Smells delicious.


Gorgeous sparkling hot pink.


Another slightly grainy one.


AMAZING shimmery lime green! So opaque and so creamy!


Nice metallic silver with a hint of blue.


This one i also found difficult to apply, but not as bad as some of the others.


One of my favourites, a gorgeous cyan blue.


Amazing colour, brown with a green duochrome.

Red Licorice

Beautiful creamy opaque red. Discontinued now.


Lovely slightly muted dark piny red colour. Smells absolutely edible. Discontinued sadly.


Slightly coppery reddy orange.


Dark vampy red.


This one is a stunning green with gold, but was a bit dry and not as easy to apply as the rest.


This colour is replacing raspberry, it's similar but a bit more muted. I prefer raspberry personally.


Lovely bluey lilac shimmer.

Gunmetal Blue

darkish greyish blue.

Glittering Poinsettia

Blood red with gold glitter.


An odd greyish/purplish dark red.

Coralines Kiss

Beautiful bright, light coraly orange shimmer.


Deep, rich blue. Beautiful.


Blood red. I think it's the same as Glittering Poinsettia but without the glitter.


Beautiful bright fuschia pink.

So the colours i definately have to get soon are:
Azalea, Coralines Kiss, Glittering Poinsettia, Pumpkin, Lillian (naturally :P), Serenity, Slime, Valentine and Very Cherry.
Ones i love but am not sure i need include Rustic (so gorgeous but i'm not sure brown lipstick suits me, have never worn one before), Blueberry (again it's beautiful but i have a lot of blue lipsticks already) and Watermelon. I also want Raspberry and Metallic Maiden which have been discontinued, but maybe Melissa has some lying around the stock room :P
I absolutely adore these lipsticks and can't wait until i have the money to buy some!

I've recieved comments from a couple of people who have recieved samples and full tubes of colours i found grainy and they've been the same creamy quality as the others (and recieved some samples of ones i found great quality grainy too), so the reason it was hard to apply because they had dried up a little in the baggies, not because of the formula. So if you really like one of the colours but were worried because of my finding it grainy don't worry, the full tubes are apparently all wonderful and not at all dry and grainy :)


  1. Valentine, Serenity and Azalea are sooooooooo awesome!
    Azalea is my favorite fuschia pink.

  2. omgggg i love them! except for 2 of the colors where it looks just too grainy

  3. Swaaatches! <3 White Day hurry up! Those lipsticks look better and better every time I see a skin or lip swatch...

  4. Wow, those are some gorgeous colours, may have to put an order in on student loan day...

  5. I think you should post a full face with Rustic and let us decide ;)

    I have lemming for Coraline's Kiss, but I've only just realised that corals actually look nice on me, and now I have a compulsion to own them ALL.

  6. Wow, they look amazing. I love them all except the grainy ones that didn't apply properly.

  7. I really want Coraline's Kiss so badly, although I can't tell if it will look good on me at all!

  8. most of them are just grainy or chunky as a sample, and it's dried out. i think some of the glitter ones just need more put on but they are the ones that seem not to work as well (and i think melissa is trying not to do as much glitter lippies). the full sizes i bought were definitely more moisturising than some of the samples i got, so you might find the consistency better in the tube.

  9. okay, so my comments died twice on 2 different days T.T.... i was going to type up my comment from the other day and it died, but i'll try again.

    so i was going to say: i got violets kiss and my sample wasn't grainy or chunky, it was quite smooth, so it does vary between the samples. i also remember hearing that ravenna was tweaked so that there was more red and less black, so you might want to try it again with a new sample. i love morgana minerals for their lippy colours!

  10. Your lips are perfection! Thank you so much for the swatches :)

  11. I agree with Porcelaine, I had a hard to apply sample, but it was great once i got a full size.

    I loooove rustic, and i generally hate brown colored makeup, but I think it looks great on you.

    and Coralines Kiss looks like perfection.

    and Azalea is my fave lip product of all time, I'm wearing right now lol

    I'll be needing to make a another order soon.

  12. Phyrra:
    I have tonnes of fuschia lipsticks, but i NEED Azalea and Valentine! And Serenity is just about the most perfect colour of blue lipstick ever.

    They're all great! Apparently the colours i found grainy have just dried up because they're samples, other people got the same colours but they were creamy and smooth :)

    Hee hee! They are really amazing, i can't wait til i have the money to buy some full tubes!

    They really have some of the most unique of the colours of lipstick I've seen. They're 10 dollars for a tube which is pretty good in my opinion :)

    Good idea! I'll do that asap :)
    Ha ha, i've been obsessed with corals recently too! Coraline is really nice and different from the others i own though.

    They are really, really great.

    Heather, i'm done with my sample as i've already decided i need a tube of it, i could send you my sample if you wanted? (i used a lip brush to apply so it's still pretty sanitart and there's probably 2 or 3 applications left :)

    Ah i thought it might be something like that. It's just a bit hard to tell f i like the colour or not because i couldn't apply it properly, and i don't really want to buy another sample in case it's dry again :/
    Still i'm really, really happy with the quality of her lippies and can't to order many, many full tubes :D

    Ooh, maybe i'll try another sample of the drier ones and Ravenna then :) Though Blood and Glittering Poinsettia are pretty much what i wanted Ravenna to be.

    Aww thank you so much <3 hope they could be helpful :)

    Well that's good to know, i imagine it's because a lot more surface area exposed to the air in the samples.
    I've never tried brown lipstick before, so i'm a bit worried about it (reminds me of the early 90s :P) but i do love rustic. I'm going to try a few full looks with it and see how i feel then :)
    Coraline's Kiss is gorgeous, one of my favourites.
    And yeah i always knew i would end up NEEDING Azalea :D
    I can't wait to have money so i can buy everything!

  13. you can add a touch of plum to make the brown more 'friendly'. i was a bit so so on the rustic (i have the full size because i went crazy over the fact it match a pure mica i have, turned out a little different though). it's a bit too yellowish brown (not that it's yellow at all) than reddish brown, but that's just my opinion.

    i think brown looks good for winter (which is where you are so would be good now. it's summer here for me) and as a gothic look (if i'm not going bright, i love my dark plum lippy)

    i'm definitely going to buy more :S

  14. I WORSHIP Morgana's lipsticks, especially Serenity.

    If you ever have a tube with REALLY off texture, try contacting the owner about it--it may be a mixing mistake. She's a real sweetheart and keeps her batches small and fresh.

  15. Porcelaine:
    That's a great tip, thank you!
    Is the pure mica you have chameleon? I have that one and it's brown with a green shimmer :)

    They are amazing, serenity is one of the most amazing colours of lipstick i've ever seen!
    I'm sure the texture is just due to the sample getting a bit dried out, it's exposed to air on more sides than a lipstick is. If i ever got a full tube i'd definately contact Melissa about it, she's really sweet and helpful :)

  16. it is called chameleon on tkb but i didn't buy from there. i love that eyeshadow, it gives a great effect and i love how the green comes up, almost a duochrome

  17. Thank you for doing more swatches! I just wanted to pop in and say a few things.

    You're right, Blood is the same as Glittering Poinsettia - just w/o the glitter. Poinsettia was done by customer request for Christmas. The glitter does show up better in person. I will be discontinuing the lipstick and making a similar gloss with a choice of gold, holo, or silver glitter. Glitter just shows up better in glosses because of the little to no wax content.

    Watermelon does have subtle green sparkle in it. But maybe not enough, so I will be adding a little more zing to it today. This post helps me just in time as I will be sending out a first full size of it tomorrow. Thanks for noting that. :)

    That's weird about some colors not applying well from the samples. I might do a video showing application from the tube on those colors. I always test a tube from each batch to ensure a color applies well.

    Rustic is a mix of Chameleon Glitter, along with a blend of brown and red oxides. & an intense green interference mica(I haven't seen this at tkb or anywhere else as I bought it direct from the manufacturer). If I made a lipstick out of Chameleon or Chameleon Glitter alone w/o oxides, it would not wear as long and the opacity would be blah.

  18. Hi Melissa!

    Thank you so much for your comment. I absolutely adore your lipsticks and shadows!

    I really love glittering poinsettia, the glitter showed up better in real life than the picture shows. If you're discontinued it could you maybe keep one for me? I'm sure i'll love the gloss as well but i'm just more or a lipstick gal :)

    Watermelon is really beautiful anyway but i bet it would be even more stunning with some more green added.

    I think it's probably just because the samples have more surface area exposed to the air drying it. It was only about 3 colours out of the 30 or so i've tried and everyone has said the full samples are never dry.

    Oh and i wasn't suggesting rustic was made of the chameleon mica, just that as i have that i can have a matching look for my eyes :)

  19. Heehee I just saw your reply to my comment right after you posted on my blog telling me about it. :P I would ADORE the sample! Unless it would cost a ridiculous amount for shipping or something, I really don't know anything about international postage.

  20. They all look fabulous. I don't need any encouragement to get more of these lipsticks, but it doesn't hurt.
    It's a shame you didn't manage to get Metallic Maiden, I hope you can get one somehow because it's really super (and smells/tastes like strawberry bootlaces!)
    I should really do some of my own swatches.

  21. Watermelon, Serenity, Lillian, Silverwitch, and Azalea look absolutely gorgeous as does Coraline's Kiss! I may just have to pick up Serenity. I've never really done a blue lip before, but it looks fab-u-lous!

  22. really love those lipsticks!


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