Thursday, 5 November 2009


This Lillian Low person is really disturbing. Holding an Ebay grudge for years? That’s pathetic and creepy. I think she’s just jealous because she’s getting chunky beyond rubenesque and doesn’t seem to have as much talent as Xenia. What a pity she has to get hits on her blog through libel.'

Ah, now this person has worked out my little secret i guess i'll have to come clean.

I was lying in all my previous posts, Xenia is an angel, the hundreds of people who also remember her comments in meanestbastard are just my pawns.

The real reason that i dislike Xenia and her products is that she is thinner than me! I am on a personal vendetta to take down anyone who weighs less than me!

For goodness sake...

Yes i guess i have held a grudge for years, and ok if people think thats 'pathetic and creepy' then fine. I think most people would hold a grudge against companies that personally insult members of there families, but apparently i'm in the minority. The fact of the matter is that while i could have brought this whole thing up right at the beginning when Xenia brought out her makeup line, but i didn't because i gave her the benefit of the doubt. The only reason i brought it up at all was because i thought i had valuable information when people were asking questions.

To say this is all because i'm jealous of her (why, because she's in a completely different career from me? Because she gets more hits on her blog? Because i'm fatty-fat-fat-fat?) is just plain silly.

If people don't want to believe my story then that's fine! If people want to believe it but still keep buying Xenia's products then go right on ahead! (in fact i was possibly going to before the whole repackaging thing reared its ugly head) but please don't claim that i am lying because i am jealous and fat.

Yes i may have 'turkey neck' like she claims in another comment, but that does not mean my opinions are going to be sullied just because the company is run by a thinner woman!


  1. Well if you are out to get all those thinner than you then whew I am safe!

    That is as ridiculous and pathetic as wearing your bloomer on your head to a party! People make no sense sometimes.

    Why would anyone lie about such things? It makes no sense to not believe your story as you have nothing to gain by it.

    I say ignore the crazy people and go on about your day.

    P.S. You do not have turkey neck, nor are you fat!

  2. Well she didn't actually said that i lied, just that it was pathetic of me to keep a grudge against Xenia.

    I'm really rather upset by the comment, not because i was called fat, but more because she's implying (as a lot of Xenias fans seem to) that the only reason i could not like Xenia is because i am jealous. I really do not understand what i am supposed to be jealous of, except of course the fact that Xenia is thinner than me. And if that were the case why am i not slagging off anyone else?

    I know it was probably just the girl trying to hurt me but it just seems particularly in bad taste when i was actually being rather diplomatic towards Xenia and never joined in the name calling or anything.

  3. absolutely ridiculous. this girl is so low for insulting you and thinking she is able to judge your motives based on your looks. i must say i am especially sensitive to this subject, as, even though i am thin now, i wasn't for most of my youth and suffered emotionally due to being relentlessly picked on because of my appearance. aside from that, i get immensely pissed at any kind of discrimination, it's just my nature. of course i don't know you as well, but i don't see any reason why you should be lying about this matter, especially due to the way you are behaving about it, which has been very mature. (in opposite to other commenters who did indeed say horrible things like: "if i see her i will spit into her face." WHAT is wrong with people?! seriously! even if someone had solid proof for everything being said about her being true, she is still a human being and EVERYONE deserves to be treated with ethical respect!)

  4. Just picking you out based on weight was unacceptable. I'm glad to see you handle everything diplomatically, as you had done from the beginning. :)

  5. I must say, out of all the recent drama surrounding Lime Crime, that comment pissed me off the most. I’ve been following your story, as well as several other blog commentaries, and you've been the fairest and the nicest about the whole thing. What's even more impressive is that you have a legitimate reason to personally dislike Xenia, and you've STILL been fair to her! The comments that were made about you absolutely sickened me. I personally think you're gorgeous. I'm not saying that just to condescend or flatter you, either. I don't think you're the type of person to let trolls hurt your self esteem, but I thought now would be a good time to mention it since someone's attacked your looks. I plan on following your blog from now on. Incidentally, my major is Illustration, so it's cool that we have that in common. :) Anyway, I just wanted to give you my encouragement. Don't listen to the nasty things people say about you, because they clearly don't know what the hell they're talking about.

  6. As a former fan of Lime Crime, I have to say that the people doing the worst for Lime Crime is Xenia and the Candyfuturettes.

    I, and several friends who were also fans of LC, never would have known about this if not for the video she made. That said, all its taken is a bit of internet sluething to very suddenly feel not right about a lot of things going on here. Things aren't adding up and nothing is being addressed. Thank you for being part of what has opened my eyes and made me go looking.

    The blind following without question is not something I can stand, hence my own research. For some it works, but that doesn't mean that anyone that doesn't support is a hater. Knowledge, as has been said so many times, is power. Should people not wish knowledge, that is their choice.

    That said, this comment about you was the last straw for me. Attack the facts. Slam people for their lies, or what you perceive as lies. Do NOT attack someone for being overweight. It's disgusting and degrading and is as much unsupported fact as the points they're all up in arms over.

    Also, for the record, I'm well over the age of 12, spend a lot of my life online, run blogs and websites and can fix my computer when it goes wonky - and I can't figure out Photoshop to save my life. Guess that must make me a fat hater too.

  7. Heartclef:
    thank you for your support. I too was bullied when i was younger, partly for being fat. Now i'm an adult i guess i'd assumed that was all behind me, so i was a bit shocked someone would actually say something so mind-numbingly stupid.
    I honestly don't know why these people just think anyone who has a complaint about Xenia is jealous. I don't have any reason to lie about her, and i've stayed well clear of people name-calling or something (in fact i've actually apologised to her on behalf of people who have been personally insulting her) so i guess it just seems very unfair to me, that not only has Xenia lumped me in with all of them, but now one of her fans is insulting me because of my appearance.

    Femaleclaws said...

    Just picking you out based on weight was unacceptable. I'm glad to see you handle everything diplomatically, as you had done from the beginning. :)

    Thank you very much. I'm guessing because this Mary person couldn't rebuke my argument and couldn't find a legitimate reason i would have to just lie about her she decided to insult me based on the only thing she could, my appearance.

    Kat A said...

    Kat A:
    Thank you. I have tried my best to be diplomatic and fair, so to not only be lumped in with the people who are saying things like 'Xenia is ugly and lying about being bi-polar' is upsetting anyway, and now i'm being insulted simply because i'm a bit overweight.
    Thank you very much for writing that comment to her, her reply is absolutely brilliant! The only place other than my own blog or vlog i have posted is the Examiner board so i love how she thinks i'm a 'professional troll'.
    Thank you very much, you're very sweet. Personally i think i'm pretty funny-looking, but hey if you think i'm gorgeous i'm not gonna object :D
    It's really cool to meet a fellow artist! I'd love to see some of your work if i might. I actually have a degree in Fine Art Painting, not illustration, but everyone said my paintings looked like illustrations so i'm trying to get into it now i've graduated.

    I have to agree that it probably wasn't the best idea for Xenia to make those videos. While i understand she wanted to defend herself, she's just led a lot of people, like yourself, to dig further into it.

    I absolutely agree with your point, the reason i brought up my story was because i just wanted to share information with anyone who wanted it. I've said time and time again that if people don't agree with me i'm not here to try and convince them, i just want the info to be there if they want it.

    I guess i just took it a bit badly because while there were a lot of people saying horrible things about xenia's appearance and other things not to do with her company, i stayed out of it completely. So its just a bit upsetting that someones saying i'm just jealous, and the only reason for that is because i'm fat.

    Well you're better than me, i can barely work out how to run a blog, let alone make a website! I can do little things in photoshop, but like i said before, i work with traditional media so i've never even tried to learn it properly.
    I've just got to stop being so fat, maybe then I'll love Xenia too.


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