Saturday, 14 November 2009

What i'm using now

This has been doing the rounds for a long time, but i've never done it and i felt like completing a survey.

Shampoo: I live with my Mother, who hoards things. She has a stash of shampoo that i doubt will ever run-out, so basically i just grab anything and use it up. At the moment it's a L'oreal frizz-serum thing, but i certainly wouldn't choose to use it. It's fine, but i don't like using anything tested on animals (my mum bought it not knowing they did, and i figure it would be more of a waste to just leave it) and it's nothing special anyway. When i buy my own (which happens very rarely) i like Original Source White pear and avacado.

Conditioner: Same as above.

Styling products: I only really use hairspray, at the moment it's a small can of silvikrin i got free in a goody bag. I need to get myself a good heat-protection spray but just never get round to it.

Shower Gel: Ah, i can actually answer this one! I use Miso Pretty Cassis shower gel. It's supposed to smell of blackcurrants and kelp, but to me it smells like rhubarb. whick i love.

Body moisturiser: I have a few i alternate between. Recently i've been using primarks 'i <3 fruit' body butter in lime and... something, but it smells like sherbet! I also have a big bottle of avon body firming moisturiser.

Deodorant: Sure crystal dry. It does it's job alright.

Fake Tan: I don't use it.

Cleanser: At the moment i'm using Neutrogena's wave the most. I really like it, but because you have to dunk it in water and then hold it to your face you do get horrible cold water dribbling down your chin :/

Exfoliator: For my body one from Ikea family. For my face Soap and Glory's the scrub of your life.

Primer: I don't use it very often, but when i do i use Avon Magix

Foundation brush: I have 2, a QVS one and a ELF one, but i never use either as the only foundation i have can't be used with a brush. I use my fingers.

Concealer: Collection 2000 illuminating touch or Dainty Doll concealer in Fair.

Powder: Illamasqua loose powder in LF005 or Avon Personal Match Mineral Powder in Ivory.

Blusher: Depends, but at the moment i'm favouring Illamasqua powder blush in Nymph.

Bronzer: I don't own any!

Highlighter: Illamasqua illuminator in Odyssey.

Eyeshadow base: I don't have one actually :( Sometimes i wear my girlfriends Too Faced Shadow Insurance, or else i just put concealer on my eyelids.

Eyeshadows: Recently i've been using a lot of Mac Vex and Gesso, ELF eye transformer and various TKB trading micas.

Eyeliner: If i want plain black i use Rimmel Glam eyes eyeliner, but recently i've been wearing Sleek glitter eyeliner in pink.

Curler: A Mister Mascara, when I remember to use it!

Mascara: Currently Sleek manitude double ended.

Lipstick: Oh goodness, there's far too many! But at the moment my favourite red is: Mac Kanga-Rouge, favourite pink is: Revlon Show Orchid, favourite orange is Barry M 117, favourite purple is Mac Violetta, favourite Berry is Mac Night Violet.

Lipgloss: Illamasqua intense lipgloss in Indulge or Mac Dazzleglass in Funtabulous.

Nail Colour: french manicures but with bright bright colours. And i usually use Barry M nail varnish.

And that's it :)


  1. Neat! I should do this survey...I've been using some of my stuff for so long that I don't even know what it is anymore, so it might be interesting to see. The label has literally rubbed off my mascara tube. It still works just fine but I should probably throw it out, haha.


  2. I really like doing surveys, but i think my answers to this one were pretty boring :/
    Ha ha, i never throw things out if they still work! It may be unhygienic, but i'm a scrimper (aka cheap) :P


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