Sunday, 15 November 2009


Christmas is coming, it's sneaking up on me! I really want to take part in a secret santa thing that's going on, but as i just bought prizes for my giveaway (2 followers to go :P) and I don't have much disposable income, i don't know if i can afford to take part. Which is rather pathetic as the one i've seen is only a tenner.

I'm really rather poor at the moment, it's my own fault because i was stupid. Basically before i went shopping on thursday/yesterday i had checked my bank balance and i had plenty of money in my account, so i went off spending happily and then later discovered that actually my statement had just been really out of date, and i actually had a lot less money than it told me.

I have a lot of clothing to sell, so i was wondering if anyone following my blog would be interested in seeing anything before i put it on ebay? The clothes would be ranging from a size 10 - 18 UK and shoes a size 8 UK, eur 41, US 10) and would include some punk/gothy/weird stuff as well as some basics.
Lots of it has never been worn and as i just really need to make some money i will be selling it off very cheap.

So if anyone might be interested please tell me, or if not i shall be off to ebay!

Oh and, please have a look at my blog sale here

yes i am well aware that this is a sad and pathetic post :(

(Angie your items have been sent out and should be with you in about a week according to the post office :) )

I am going to attempt a super diet before christmas. If i manage it it will involve me eating plenty of fruit and veg and i balanced meal (dinner) a day, and just drinking water and one glass of juice with dinner, as well as exercise as much as possible (yuk). It's very irritating because while i have put on weight, and certainly do not have the perfect diet, i really don't think i have a terrible diet. Generally i have a lunch of maybe some toast, a balanced meal for dinner and occaisionally a little something sweet. So yeah, no great, but not terribly bad. I do need to exercise more though, but i just find it so boring!
I know i can lose weight if i try, years ago i went from being a size 16/18 to a 12/14 but then i went from having a terrible diet to the one i have now, so it just seems harder to me.

I've got more hauls to show, as well as lots of products i want to review, but it's difficult in this weather! That may sound really stupid, but by the time i've finished doing all the stuff i have to do and get to relax and photo my makeup he light is so terrible that swatches and things just look completely off. Grr!

If anyone wanted to see some more photos from my Halloween there are some here

So hopefully tomorrow i will actually be able to do some photos and maybe a video or two while it's still light!


  1. What size are you clothes in US sizes? I might be interested, but I'm poor as well! I have a hard time finding clothes cause of these big boobs XD

  2. They'd be between about a size 10 and 16. I have big boobs too :P But i'd list measurements with everything so you could be sure :)

  3. id love to grab some of the stuff thats sized 10-12 please put up some pics ^_^

    heres a link to a conversion site to make it easier for international sizing


    p.s thanks for posting it all so fast!

  4. I'd like to see the shoes! I have big feet :)

    I'm bad with money. This Christmas will be a no-frills type of event, just good food and small present for my boyfriend.

  5. I just became a follower, so now you only have one more to go! c:

  6. I'm very tempted by the idea of checking your 'for sale' stuff seem like you have an awesome sense of style :)

    Unfortunately, I'm in a similar situation myself, with a drawer and two cases full of old 'gothy', 'alternative' stuff that I should really be selling. So, I couldn't justify buying more XD

    I'm trying to diet as well. I bought a dress for a Christmas party. It's a size 12, which is my usual size, but it's from The Vestry whose sizes seem to run a little smaller, in my opinion. Don't know if you've ever tried anything from there and if you agree/disagree? Anyway, my aim was to buy a size down (or half, at least). I was making progress but then stress came and I've been eating terribly.

    This is a bad time to be trying to lose weight, I think! But I wish you more luck than I'm having XD


  7. Good luck with sales! :) I'd love to buy something, but I'm trying to not spend as much so I can buy Christmas presents.

    Are you going to be watching the Leonid meteor showers?

  8. Angie:
    Grand, hopefully i'll have some time next week to get my stuff together. But there is just so much of it D:
    Thanks for the link! Converting sizes always confuses me.
    I hope the package gets to you soon and you like what you bought!

    Great, all the shoes have never been worn even once because i buy them, fooling myself that my feet will shrink :(
    That sounds like a lovely christmas anyway!
    And i too am rubbish with money. When i don't have money i'm ok and don't get into debt or anything, but as soon as i get any money i just spend it all! D:

    Thank you so much! :D
    Aww thank you very much, though i've had some very strange styles throughout the years :P And i don't think i've posted any pictures of me here where i'm wearing my clown-style XD
    It sort of overwhelming having so much stuff to get rid of isn't it? And lots of mine i bought for a lot of money and are never/barely worn so i don't want to just give the stuff away to charity or something.
    I wouldn't actually mind being the size i am now, but lots of clothes i fitted fine last year are now too small for me, and i love them and want to wear them again!
    It is really a bad time to be dieting, but i figure if i can lose weight before christmas, when i put it back on i won't get even bigger!

    I was sneaky and finished buying all my presents months ago, which means while it was stupid of me to buy lots, i at least wasn't being selfish :P
    I didn't know anything about the meteors! Have i missed them?


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