Monday, 23 November 2009

Hi everyone.
I've posted a bunch of new videos on my youtube account here

Check them out if you're interested :)

There's still time to enter my giveaway if you havent yet.

I've read all of your requests for what you'd like to see on my blog. As a few people said they would actually like to see posts about my daily life and my art/illustraton i have decided to actually merge this blog with my personal one (i post in there a lot more rarely than i do here, so if you're not interested you can just skip those posts :) ) so i will be reposting my old posts from there and keeping that blog as a sort of 'professional' blog.

I'll be doing some top 5/10 product lists, more product reviews and FOTDs and so on. A couple of people also mentioned wanting tutorials, but i am not really that great at applying makeup, i just mess around until I think i look alright. Do you think i should just go for it anyway, at the risk of looking horribly unprofessional and stuff? :P

Also just to say if i'm a bit quiet for the next little while it's because i'm busy. I'm helping a friend of mine out by making 2 Elf jackets for a christmas play and only have til sunday to complete them. Although you probably won't notice, as i love the interwebz too much to stay away for long.


  1. The link directs back to this page, not your YouTube page :(


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