Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Melon Felon

I was going to let it go. I had no more reason to insult Lime Crime now that i've shared my story. I was getting bored of all the drama and even thinking people were going too far.
But now i hope they continue their childish calling or whatever.
If you haven't seen it, Xenia has posted a video calling out against us 'haters' (i.e. people with legitimate criticisms of her product) about the 'lies' we are spreading about her. What particularly irked me (obviously she wasn't going to come out and admit the repackaging scandal) was that she said people were lying about her bad customer service.

i am literally shaking with anger at the moment.

How dare she say that we are all liars?
While i can say, yes i do have a personal reason to be against her, but is she claiming everyone out there, even people who had never heard of her before, or ex-fans have now just decided to lie about her in order to start a huge international slagging match?

I couldn't let it lie, so i had to write to her.

'Years ago, back in your Thunderwear days i was a friend of yours. I thought you were a great, sweet girl and you were kind to me.

The reason i'm writing you is to do with your latest video post. In it you claim that you have never insulted your fans or were mean to others.

However you once sold my mother a dress hemmed with duct tape and then insulted her by calling her an 'asshole' over livejournal when someone posted photos of it. You probably don't remember this at all, but i certainly do. My mother and i never complained to you, and it wasn't us who showed the photos or insulted you, and yet you said a horrible thing, insulting not only my Mum, but anyone who bought your products.

I was around during the whole drama with you surrounding the charity auctions and so on, i could have really been horrible about you as revenge, but no, i never insulted you on any public forum. I gave you the benefit of the doubt time and time again, even after you had been outwardly horrible to me and my family and never apologised.

When i first saw your makeup line i thought the colours looked beautiful, and would have bought things immediately if it weren't for what you have said to me in the past. And now all this business has come out, i must say i am more likely to believe the opinion that you are a cheater simply because of what i have experience.

I am a blogger and, yes, i have written about my experience and also what i've heard and seen in photos about your eyeshadows. I have never said i was certain though, and have always maintained that i have no proof whatsoever about your lipstick formula. I have been as fair to you as it is possible for me to be, even though i was personally affected by you in the past.

I still have proof of what you said, and there are lots of people around who still remember it to, so please don't lie.


Lillian Low'

Oh and here is an absolutely fantastic post reviewing her new lipsticks:


  1. id love to hear what she says as a response to that.
    Good luck, and i hope she isnt rude or malicious in anyway if and when she responds to you.

  2. Xenia certainly re-ignited this whole thing eh? I was the one who was telling people on the article to let it go, that it's getting dragged needlessly though the mud...and now this video surfaces. All I can do is shake my head.

  3. You were one of the few people with credibility in the examiner comment thread regarding LC, and I do remember reading about that duct tape fiasco in meanest_bastard. You never once called her a name or started attacking her personally in those posts, which is among the other many reasons why I believed you even without having ever talked to you/met you before.

    I guess what I'm trying to say is, thanks for staying classy and giving the thread merit :) I had been wanting to purchase makeup from LC for a long time until I followed a link in her blog comments to your blog (the link was deleted shortly, surprise!) and read your story. I thought it was endearing of you that despite the shoddy customer service from her in the past, you still wanted to give her another chance and maybe buy lipstick from her. Definitely not a hater :)

  4. I totally understand you being personally hurt by this. She needs to either be honest or stop talking about it and it will blow over. I have a feeling she will do neither though...

    I wonder if she will even respond to you? You *must* post if she does!! (The curiousity will KILL me!)

  5. I've been lurking around the interwebs for years, keeping tabs on people I find interesting. Lime Crime was indeed one of them, and well, sort of still is. I never bought any of her cosmetics, as they were way too much for me to afford. Anyway, there is just something about her that seems off, or fake maybe?

    Why is it so hard to be honest? I make eyeshadow as well, I mix it to make a pretty color in a baggie. I experiment, it's fun. That is how A LOT of mineral makeup people make this stuff... Or in a blender, but still, same general idea. Why is the "lab" story necessary? I sell colors that I think are pretty & unique, and I do it myself damnit. There is no need for this "lab"!

  6. You've got every right to be angry, she obviously doesn't care who she pisses off. Why is she so convinced people are spreading lies to bring her down? Like there aren't much more worthwhile targets if anyone wanted to do such a thing! She can't accept that people just want her to be honest.

    Well, one good thing's come out of all this - I've found your blog in the middle of all this DRAMA. And I sure like it more than hers :D

  7. Sooo, let me get this straight.

    You're taking the moral highground by dredging up old bygones? Well, they might be bygones. I'm not really willing to believe you :D

  8. Sara:
    No, i'm saying i took the moral highground because while i did have this grudge i only dredge up old bygones once customers started having complaints. I could have been slagging her off for years, but as i've said i've given her the benefit of the doubt despite what she's said to me.
    If you don't believe me then it's fine, i've said time and again in my blog posts about Lime Crime that i just want to share my opinion and experience.

  9. Angie:
    i've posted her response. She was actually very pleasant, but didn't really say anything about the accusations.

    i know! I was getting bored of the whole saga, and actually very angry with some of the comments on the examiner article (saying she was making up her mental illness was utterly despicable) and now she posts this.

    thank you. I have tried my best to stay fair and diplomatic while still sharing my opinion and experience.

    Lisa Kate:
    I've posted her reply. And thank you for understanding why i was hurt. I have tried hard to be fair to her, so being lumped in with people who have just insulted her appearance or things and then being called a liar is very irritating.

    i find the lab thing interesting as well. As far as i'm aware a lot of bigger companies than hers, who have been around longer still make their cosmetics just at home. Maybe i'm wrong, but the whole thing is odd. Especially as she first claimed the lab was in China, and now her lipsticks say they are made in LA and only 'distributed' by Lime Crime.

    i don't think she actually is convinced, she's just trying to convince the readers of her blog. The problem is that with this video she's lumping me, and other people who have legitimate complaints, in with people who have been saying things regarding her appearance and things.
    And thank you so much! I'm quite new to blogging and just trying to have fun and share my opinions really :)

  10. I can't believe that person who insulted your weight. It's like oh yeah she's thinner than you so your going to waste your life making up internet rumours to get back at her. Yeah I'm sure.
    As to her "If i've behaved badly in the past, I'd like to own up to it but I don't see why it have to be discussed in a public forum" comment, it seems completely contractictory. It's like she's saying yeah i'll admit I'm wrong as long as I don't have to do it publically. I left a comment saying she should own up to the dress thing but I doubt it will make it on there since all the comms are moderated.

  11. I'm disgusted by how that Mary person spoke about you on Xenia's blog. I really hope it didn't upset you.

  12. Ruth:
    I'm just finding that Mary girl hilarious now, she's claiming that I'm lying about being an artist... O__o because... uhh... i can't even think of any reason she could possibly have to think or claim that.

    Yes i think it's completely contradictory too. I think she's just basically trying to say that she's sorry without actually having to admit she said something nasty in the past, it's just coming across looking confused.

    Thank you. I will admit i was quite upset at first but now i just think it's quite funny.

  13. I feel for you! You rock, girl.

  14. I was going to mention this in the Blogazine comments regarding the Mary fiasco, but while that's sort of resolved now, I figured it might be nice for you to know-- you are clearly a capable and charming girl (and, by the way, not fat or vindicative, my goodness). You also seemed good-natured and healthily-self-esteemed enough that you could handle yourself after people saying horrid things about you, and you've demonstrated that here, but it's because of that that I respect you and pay attention to what you say (and that I want you to know that you seem fabulous-- does that make sense?).

    Also. Your sailor shirt/dress (?) is adorable! :]

  15. Anon:
    Thank you :)

    Thank you so much for your comment. It was absolutely lovely to read and really cheered me up. I guess the thing that upset me most about the whole Mary thing is that i've actually been one of the most fair people to Doe and yet i was the one being picked on for my appearance and for 'trolling', something i have never done (replying to Mary was the first time i even tried to comment on Doe's blog).
    And thank you! It's a top, i got it from New Look :)

  16. Glad you're feeling okay now. :) You seem like a really lovely person - easily one of the most level-headed ones involved in this whole fiasco.

    I agree with Tara - the sailor top is adorable!


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