Sunday, 8 November 2009


Hi, i'm not a Twilight fan myself, but know a lot of people out there are and wondered if any of my followers were?
A friend of mine (who is notoriously hard to shop for) is a huge fan of the books and movies and i thought it would be nice to get her something twilight related for christmas. Also it would be easy :P
I think she likes both Edward and Jacob, and she likes makeup and jewellery. As i'm in the UK i don't think i can get any of the official makeup available at Nordstrum.
So, i guess this is hard because everyone has different tastes, but if anyone has any ideas of a cute Twilight related gift i would be really grateful!


  1. Hey Lillian, if you check out the link below they have a HUGE range of Twilight merchandise... and has free delivery for everything!{twilight}%2bc{270}%2b

  2. I confess all I can think of is aromaleigh twilight powder...
    but I don't know the book, so I can't really tell!
    Good luck!

  3. LF:
    Thank you! I had no idea there was so much stuff! I think i may have to get her some Twilight Bandages! XD

    I'd looked at that before and then forgotten about it, thank you for reminding me! And what a nice excuse to make an aromaleigh order :P

  4. I'm not a twilight fan either, but i read about this on a blog a few days ago. Twilight Lip venom, available at HQhair.;jsessionid=595B2430FE2B34E5F6000C33F672E463.web2


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