Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Lime Crime Drama!

So i got a reply to my last email (which you can read her:


I do appreciate your remaining civil through all this hostility and vitriol. I do make mistakes and I am willing to acknowledge them, which is why I wanted to speak to you on the phone (that offer still stands at my expense).

I too was appalled by some of the comments on my blog attacking you, and I responded and later removed that thread entirely because it was hurtful and inappropriate. Petty, malicious sniping against ANYONE is not what my blog is about.

I am committed to developing new products that excite me, and hopefully excite others. I stand by my eye shadows and lipsticks and have given as much insight into my process as is possible and I feel I've been more than fair in satisfying reasonable curiosity. I would disagree with you that I claimed anyone with a complaint against me is a liar.I think I was quite clear about what the lies are. We address customer complaints swiftly: we re-designed our jars and sifters so they are less messy and have doubled the amount of product we offer in response to customer input. If a customer informs me that he/she received the wrong or defective item(s) or the shipment was lost I do not brand them a liar for having the temerity to complain, I do whatever I can to make it right - including issue refunds if necessary. I'm human, but I try to learn from mistakes and correct them.

I didn't attack or insult any of these people personally I simply said their claims are false, defamatory garbage, which they absolutely are. They are the ones who brought the personal venom and the endless "gotcha!" distortions into this.

I'm here to share on a positive, colorful blog and make positive, colorful makeup. I genuinely live and breathe this. I hope you'll accept my offer to call you, otherwise please accept my apology for any hurt feelings.

I've not seen or met you, but I'm sure you have a fabulous beauty all your own (as all girls do!) and I regret that you were exposed to such negativity on my blog.


So once again she was civil and polite, but didn't actually add any new evidence to prove her argument, and stuck by her claim that anyone saying she repackages, whether or not they have their own evidence, are lying and being vicious.

Also a couple of days ago i got a comment on my youtube video from someone who asked her about the mum-asshole thing and Xenia told her i was lying.

So anyway here's my reply:

Thank you for your offer to phone me. I shall have a think about it but I am afraid I probably will not take you up on it because i have a fear of talking on the phone. Also honestly i do not think there's anything that either of us could say to the other that hasn't already been said.

I also want you to know i never blamed you for the vicious comments aimed at me, if one of your fans dislikes me for whatever the reason it has nothing to do with you. However when you deleted the thread containing her comments you also deleted the link to my blog, which i don't care about but will probably give people fodder to claim you are censoring again since it stops your fans from reading about my experiences.

However, i have watched your video again and you definately do say that anyone who is claiming you are repackaging is lying and spreading 'malicious rumours'. While i agree totally that people who have been saying things like 'i would spit in your face' are completely out of order, most of the people who have made claims about your eyeshadows being identical to wholesale Mica's were fans of yours who bought your products and then discovered they already owned them, having bought them from a different company.

The problem is that while you have denied the rumours of repackaging you haven't offered any explanation as to why you can get the exact same colours from other places. The examples you used on your video were the only colours from your range which had not had 'confirmed' duplicates and still they were incredibly similar and looked as if they had been applied in different ways (your swatches looked like they had been foiled). Also i have seen emails from you to customers who have asked about the repackaging rumours where you have heavily implied that it is the other companies that have been copying you. For instance Mark sent this message to Anastasia from Lipsticks and Lightsabers:
'The observation you made is an example of how competitors follow and try to imitate something that's been successful. Colors cannot be legally protected so there isn't much we can do about that'
the competitors who you claim are imitating you have been in business a lot longer than you, as have their products which you are accused of repackaging, so i don't see how they could possibly have copied you. This makes your argument seem suspect, which in turn makes your claim that you orginally formulated the colours seem less likely.

Your video showing how you made eyeshadow also did not prove anything as it showed you matching the colour Twilight, not actually how you formulated the original recipe. In fact you did not even use a recipe, meaning it took you a few tries to create the correct colour match, i hope you are able to see that in some peoples eyes this will look suspicious as if you did indeed send your original formulation to a lab you would have had the recipe down in black and white.
It was very similar to this video from TKB:
where they teach you how to match an existing colour.

While i am sure the majority of your customer service is conducted in a perfectly sensible and fair manner i have heard of examples where you have refused to refund people after their eyedusts arrived damaged. I have also heard from innumerable sources that only 4 and 5 star reviews are allowed on your site. People have posted lower rated ones which have never appeared, while their higher rated ones show up. All this goes towards fueling the rumours that you are hiding a lot from your customers.
While you, as a business, have the absolute right to not give away your trade secrets i hope you can see that these practices do nothing to foster trust in customers. Particularly those who want to give (or already have given) to your business but feel they may be being mislead or even lied to. When people cannot trust you on one matter they cannot trust you overall.

Although I forgave you a long time ago for the insult you branded my mother with, the experience has left me very skeptical about your business practices and more inclined to believe dissenters who have nothing to gain by insulting you and were in fact fans before they bought your products.
However i realised that i really should see the evidence for myself so i have bought the TKB colours and am being sent some samples of your eyedusts from an ex-fan of yours so i can compare the two. I will tell the absolute truth and capture the first time i see them together on video and with photographs. If i do find that they are not identical, even if there is only the slightest difference, i will tell the truth because i have no reason to lie about it and destroy my integrity as a blogger. Also as i will have plenty of photographic evidence people would be able to see for themselves if i was lying.

Also I have been told by someone who watched my youtube video about my experience with you that she emailed you asking if what i was saying (about the 'asshole' remark) was true and you denied you ever said it, implying i was lying. If you had simply forgotten or were unsure that would be understandable, but to outright deny it when the proof is easy to find is not only shifty but makes the rests of your claims look less valid.
Also it makes me trust you less because even though you've been very nice to me and apologised you are then denying you did anything wrong behind my back. Of course the person could be lying herself, or have got the wrong end of the stick, but again i am more inclined to believe her due to that old breach of trust.

I hope you can see that some (in fact most i have seen) of the people doubting your company have no reason to be malicious and so instead of just branding them liars it would be better if you actually addressed their concerns and explained why your colours are so similar to the wholesale micas instead of just dodging their questions and saying they are out to spread rumours about you. If you were to offer an explanation and treat everyone with respect i'm sure you would be respected in return.


I have some samples of her eyeshadows on the way to me now.


  1. Sheesh! I agree with your reply to her. And I thought the very same thing about her video being similar to TKB's. If it was indeed her colour, why did she have to try to match the colour rather than simply make it and show that is how she created it? While she seems nice, that is super suspicious. As someone who once wanted to try her products, it didn't help me feel any better. Plus, I can't justify paying that much for eyeshadows that look too similar to what I already have from TKB as well as other companies.
    Thank you for keeping us all informed. I love reading your blog. :-) You are super duper cute!

  2. Uh...Why does she continue to dig herself into a worse hole? I really feel bad for the girls who look up to her.

    Plus, how can she say that she created these colors herself when so many of them are PRIMARY colors?? You can't make yellow. My 3 year old niece knows that you can't make yellow.

  3. I e-mailed Xenia about the costumer complaints, but never got an answer! I think she might have forgotten about it.
    I hope she answers yours, 'cause that's something I really want to know.

    And I'd also like to see more swatches. The ones that felt really identical to me was Empress and Grape Pop and Siren and some shadow a girl bought... I think I posted the link on one of Anastasia posts....

    I'm pretty much glad she is trying to explain herself. That was what bothered me the most...

    If it's proven she is not repackaging I'll apologize.

    But, for a while, I think I'll try to forget the company ever existed ^^'
    The whole thing did hurt me a little bit...

  4. I absolutely agree with your reply, and you're right, she didn't offer any new explanations at all.

    I think she really went about this the wrong way by automatically calling those people liars. All of this (including your past experience) led me to read up on other bits of drama involving Xenia and Lime Crime (whether as a make-up or clothing company) and I came across lots of things that were suspicious. I'm glad that I did this, rather than buying from LC again (I did buy some clearance stuff once). If there's a lot of evidence from lots of different sources over a long period of time, then what they point to is probably at least a little reliable.

    I'm looking forward to that blog entry of yours!

  5. do you think she has noticed that she is constantly repeating herself? i wonder if she has a template for these generic answers she is constantly giving out...
    cont wait to see your swatches and what she says about the "companies copying them" XD

  6. I am a little hesitant to comment, as I am the minority here in supporting LimeCrime. I hope that I am not attacked for my comments just because I have a differing view - I would just like to offer my perspective and hope that maybe you can take a step back and ask yourselves (commenters and Lillian) if YOU are being fair. It seems to me that Xenia is fighting an extremely difficult battle that should not exist. Her name is being slandered all over the internet and in many cases the bloggers' opinions are not based in fact. Many bloggers simply read other blogs slandering her, other articles, LiveJournal discussions etc. and then formulate an opinion that is set against LC because it seems to be the 'accepted' thing to do.

    From reading Xenia's reply to your email, I think you are being unfair. To be objective: She has made videos of her processes, written articles about her production and has been far more transparent than any other brand in terms of addressing interest in her production techniques. Please point me towards another brand that is posting ANY information at all about their production processes - I have not been able to find one. She has shown that she is addressing customer concerns: she changed packaging to address customer concerns, she has upgraded the size of her packaging and when she did so, she began selling old stock for half price: this is clearly a strong attempt NOT to rip people off - in clearing stock that was 50% smaller than new stock, she reduced the price by 50%.

    Lillian, I feel that it is unfair of you to keep heckling Xenia for answers. It seems that the only thing that will satisfy you is for Xenia to explicitly state: "Yes I buy mica and repackage it". Obviously, I do not know for sure whether this is true or not - I do not know Xenia and am not involved with LC beyond being a TCF member and customer. I have no affiliations and have not been asked to write this!! This is my free will speaking!!

    In any case, I would like to know why it is so important for you to hear this. Whatever she is doing, she is running a business and satisfying a customer need. If it is not your need, then you have the option to research other brands and buy from them instead. I think it is brilliant that there is such a wide variety of brands available, so that each individual is able to select from thousands the brand that they want. Her products satisfy a niche, which I am a part of, and I am happy to buy from her.

    As for the swatch tests, I see little point in them except to add to the drama. Other blogs have already done comparisons, and have proved that some of LC's colours are extremely similar to other brands. This is a fact and as such does not really warrant further proof.

    As for the 'generic answers' that Angie (commenter) discussed, this is nothing specific to LimeCrime. Any business will have a standard response to common queries, and it's not like she has 'copied&pasted' something - it is the same message but she has taken the time to address you personally and tailor her response to your specific situation. I don't think she is "constantly repeating herself", she is just being consistent - which is the professional way to do it.

    Lillian, I hope you can respect my opinion and lead the way for other commenters. I do not want to be abused for having a different opinion, I just want to enter this discussion in a reasonable, mature way and shed some light on a different perspective.

  7. *shakes head* I think many people have said it - if you admit to repackaging, more people will have respect for you, and it will give you an opportunity to actually start making your own colours. At this point, unless Xenia can actually show us real, concrete evidence that she makes her own colours, I'm not going to trust her.

    Looking forward to your eyeshadow review :)

  8. I have realised that I have a gap in my knowledge and it may be impairing my ability to see things from your perspective (by your, I refer to all other commenters and Lillian :D)

    What exactly is involved in producing one's own colours? I am under the impression that taking basic mica colours and mixing them to form new combinations constitutes making a colour. Is this correct or am I missing a step? Please let me know, I have a genuine interest and I want to have a balanced view.

  9. Ekerplay:
    Of course i'm not going to attack you and i certainly hope none of my followers would either! Your opinion is your own and as valid as mine.

    Personally i do not see how i am being unfair. I have tried my best to keep slander and my personal opinions out of this, which is part of the reason i am going to do my own swatch tests. You complain that bloggers are just reitterating what they have heard from other blogs (as i was doing with the eyeshadows) and yet now i'm going to do my own comparisons and see for myself you accuse me of trying to spread drama.

    The first time i emailed Xenia wasn't even asking her to come out and say her shadows were repackaged, it was simply a response to her calling all complaints against her (mine included) lies and slander.

    Personally i certainly think that Xenia should have to defend herself against the rumours because if she is lying she is ripping off customers. And if she isn't if she address the complaints, explains why her shadows are identical or whatever then the whole mess would go away. I do not expect her to admit to repackaging her eyeshadows, i am simply trying to reasonably explain to her why people are not going to let this go without an explanation from her.

    It's unreasonable to suggest that when so many people are so upset and feel ripped off that they have no right to complain and should just go elsewhere for makeup. Especially when they are trying to make sure other people don't have the same experience as them.

    I've said many times on my blog and videos that if people know all the information and still want to buy from LimeCrime they should go ahead and do it! I (and noone else i have seen) are trying to start a boycott of her company or even told people they shouldn't buy from her, just said you can buy the same thing a lot cheaper. The makeup blogging community seems to be based on looking out for one another, telling people if there are sales on, reviewing products truthfully etc. So i think it's quite relevant for people to spread the word. I simply do not want people to get fooled by her if indeed she is lying. If you are happy to spend $12 on her eyeshadows when you could get more product for $1.50 from TKB that's your perogitive and i certainly don't think any less of you because of it! I just think all the information should be out in the open for possible buyers to read so they can come to their own conclusions about it.

    As for Xenia providing more information than other companies, while it's true she has provided statements and a video, like i said it shows no actual proof that she makes them and in fact makes her argument look less credible. In the video she seems to have no recipe to make her shade, which anyone who has invented an eyeshadow would have to write down or at least remember. If she had made Twilight several times before she would know what she would need to put in it and not have to take so many tries to match the colour. The post about her lipsticks is less suspicious but many people have spoken to cosmetics manufacturers who say that at least the picture is staged as noone would be allowed into a lab without protective clothing and absolutely would not be allowed to test product on the back of their hands.

    In response to whether other people have come out and described their own techniques, it's true the majority of sellers dont (lime crime is not the only person being accused of repackaging, several other people are, but i only have any insight into Lime Crime so i cannot comment on the others), but i did find this one: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nccNupgAHtw
    which shows a very professional way of creating eyeshadows.

  10. Ekerplay:

    Also through her 'proof' that she makes her own products she hasn't answered the most important question, why are the colours exactly the same as other companies (such as TKB and Beauty From the Earth, who admit the colours in question are repackaged) if she is inventing these colours herself. If she can provide me any answer to this then that would be amazing and i would be delighted to read it!

    If only one or two of her shades were similar to the matches there would be no problem, but personally i find it a bit too much of a coincidence that every single lime crime shade can be matched to a wholesale mica from TKB.

    As for your question on producing your own colours, i'm no expert but here's what i do know.
    Mica powders can be used on their own as an eyeshadow, however there are other ingredients (you can see examples of these here: http://www.tkbtrading.com/category.php?category_id=43 )
    which need to be ground up and have a base and other ingredients added to them to make them adhere to the eye.

    While i am not at all certain about this, it was rumoured that some of Xenia's discontinued eyeshadows (the matte shades) were just these ingredients with nothing added, so they did not actually work as a cosmetic.

    So basically to make your own eyeshadows you would grind your ingredients, mix colours together (for instance in the above Aromaleigh video you can see her making a purple out of a blend of several colours) and then package them.

    What Lime Crime is accused of is simply taking the micas, putting them in pots (which is fine because micas are acceptable to be eyeshadows on their own) without any form of colour mixing and then selling them on while claiming she mixed the colour herself.

    I hope what i've said can show you a it more insight into our opinion. If you do have any other questions i'd be happy to answer them if i can.

    If you don't know the facts i understand that this whole business can really come off as a bit of a witch hunt, but i honestly would love for Xenia's products to be new and original. I hate the thought of anyone getting ripped off so if they do turn out to be unique i would be very happy for the people who have bought them. Also it would show that since my bad experience with her she has truly changed her ways and that can only be a good thing.

    And like i've said before, if you still want to defend Xenia and are satisfied by her explanations then that is fine and i'm not going to try and convince you to change your opinion. I am just writing about what i know for people who are either undecided on the matter or believe the same as i do.

  11. ekerplay,
    I just wanted to say that Aromaleigh has great transparency


    and sweetie i don't think you'll get attacked, we're all nice here :)


  12. Sorry Lillian - didn't mean to accuse you of starting drama. You made a very valid point and I look forward to seeing your swatch tests. Perhaps, if you have time, you could do it as a YouTube video - this would make a stronger point if you did a video of applying one eye with LC and one eye with TKB and let the results speak for themselves. It would be more objective: I have seen some swatch tests (sorry, I don't have a link - i didn't think to bookmark it) that were a little unfair as they applied it to differently lit parts of the hand.

    I watched Aromaleigh's video: wow! That is brilliant and she obviously knows her stuff. Xenia should make a video similar to this - of course with her own product though!

    I'll still stand by my opinion - I think LimeCrime is great, moderate priced (even if there is cheaper, it is still good at the price it is) and convenient for those who do not want to mix mica for themselves. However, if some shades are not being mixed, I would prefer to buy them cheaper of course and I will do so in future. As for lipsticks, I think there is no question that they are genuine and unfortunely may be getting a bad rep because of the association. When I get my order, I will do a review on my own blog and link to your post(s) to make sure that I give readers a balanced evaluation of LimeCrime.

    I honestly feel a lot of sympathy for Xenia, I don't think she is doing anything different from any other commerical business out there. I think she is an easy target for many individuals, and while it is partially justified, I feel that there is a lot being said that makes LimeCrime seem horrible when its dealings really aren't anything different to those of other brands.

    as a reference for other commenters, I have been discussing stuff with Lillian in the comments of another post if you want to have the full picture of my discussion on this blog. The post is "Xenia's reply" from the 5th November.

  13. i don't know. i have trouble feeling sympathy for her, when every time someone catches her in a lie, she either says nothing or says something that digs her in deeper. for instance, she has a makeup tutorial on her website where she's very obviously using kryolan makeup, and she claimed it was LC makeup. only LC makeup had nothing that looked like what she was wearing. and people pointed it out. so then she changed it to simply say "green eyeshadow".

    another reason why i have trouble feeling sympathy for her is that when other companies (such as beauty from the earth) were caught repackaging, they admitted it and made changes to their product to please their customers. and to be able to stand by their product. xenia's modus operandi is to deny, deny, deny and then send out her minions to disparage all the legitimate complaints. do other companies lie about their product? yes, all the time. does that make it right? no. just because everyone else is doing it, doesn't make it right. it's like when people use the word "gay" to describe something as silly and stupid... and it comes up in popular music, and people say it's fine to use as such because everyone says it now. doesn't make it any less offensive. she gives a bad name to all the other independent mineral makeup companies that are doing things the long, hard, honest way. does it make me naïve to want a company to be able to back up their claims? perhaps, but that doesn't make me want it any less :)

    and probably the reason it seems like everyone is "ganging up" on poor defenseless xenia is because i think a lot of people have followed her through the years and are finally fed up with her lying and would like her to stop. i do wholeheartedly agree that there is a lot of unnecessary maliciousness out there, but underneath all that you'll find a lot of very valid points and evidence to back up all the complaints against her. and i don't think the complaints and blog entries about her are going to go away any time soon because those videos she created are causing a whole new swarm of people to wonder why and read the existing blog entries.

    i may not be sympathetic to xenia, but i don't want her to not succeed. on the contrary, i wish her all the best in her endeavors. i'm glad she apologized to lillian. that's a good first step! she's a pretty and clever girl, and i like some of her makeup tutorials (how i discovered her in the first place). if she could continue her makeup line by starting to make her own original colors (and wear gloves when she makes them!) i think the anger and bitterness would fade. hell, the owner of this blog was even willing to buy lipstick from her *despite* the whole duct tape fiasco.

  14. :D I'm trying to stay offline because I have a French exam in a week !! But I had to come back online to re-phrase something I wrote as it gives the wrong impression, and as a blogger I do not need to be giving myself a bad rep!!

    Alrighty, a quick message and then I'm going back to study! (although this is much more interesting!) When I said that Xenia is accused of doing the same thing as other companies, I did NOT mean that this makes alleged repackaging ok, I was trying to explain that she personally is suffering significantly more than other companies doing the same thing, and this makes me sympathetic.

    Also, I reject the remark that Xenia is recruiting "minions" address rumours - this is 100% incorrect. I have not been asked, nor had it replied in ANY way, that I should be entering the discussion in support of LC. I am not a "minion", I am just a girl who thinks she sees a bit of injustice and wants to get her (and others) facts straight. Just thought I would clear that up :)

    alright, off I hop to do some study xx

  15. implied* instead of replied, whoops!

  16. when i said that xenia was sending out her "minions" to dispute on her behalf, i was referring to her telling people to post her videos wherever people had "lied" about her company.

    i understand where you're coming from, and i respect your opinion. i guess i just didn't want it to look like everyone that was coming down on LC were a bunch of spoonfed bandwagon jumpers that like to kick someone when they're down :) there are a lot of valid complaints against her out there.

  17. Hey Lillian,

    The other day I left a comment on one of your Youtube videos but for some reason it won't let me reply to your reply to my comment. Anyway I'm the girl who was interested in seeing a swatch of TKB's Cloisonne Red. Just wanted to say that if you could swatch it for me that would be great; my email is savannah.goyette at gmail.com.

  18. The issues about the video is really not a win for anyone- Xenia clearly states that this is how you make a sample. It's a lot more difficult to show the recipe on a small scale (though, when watching the video, you can tell that she knows the general amounts as she adds a fair bit more sheen to the colour than any other ingredients) and obviously a recipe would be on a much larger scale, so doing a small sample doesn't really encompass that.

    Personally, I've purchased lime crime eye dusts before and haven't had any problem with them- the colours are beautiful and bright like I expected. Not to say there weren't problems- I ordered much earlier than all this drama and so I did receive the smaller jar of eye dust without a sifter- luckily, that's been changed. I honestly don't find the prices that bad, either. Lise Watier sells loose eyeshadows for 16 dollars per 2 grams of product, and somehow they don't quite shine like limecrime does. I do look forward to your findings, on the TKB vs. limecrime, though. I respect that you'll be fair in your posting of results.

    Part of me thinks that innovation and uniqueness in the field of cosmetics, where there is obviously a limited colour spectrum, comes more from marketing, advertising and branding than anything else. If you product is excellent, that's a start. If you create a lifestyle that goes with that product, that's what makes you a star. It's the way Xenia presents herself as a face of limecrime that has gotten her such a diehard following, and the fact that she delivers what is expected- perhaps not 100% originality, but a solid product nonetheless.

  19. I would like to point out that the swatch test proves nothing. You can walk into a drugstore and find that many different brands have the same colours. I was reading an article that someone posted about how she re-packages makeup that was based purely on swatches. They compared hers to 4 other brands, one being M.A.C., and said 'oh hey hers looks just like all four; I am never buying her fake stuff again.' Well I hate to break it to you but I suppose that means you are not going to buy M.A.C. or the other brands either because they are the same to each other as well.

    I think in this situation everyone is jumping on the 'let’s bash limecrime bandwagon' it is like the new 'hot' thing to do on the internet. People who do this bashing are one-sided and fail to notice that this is her livelihood and that every other makeup company has eye shadows and lippies that share similarities/matches to other companies.


  20. Cait, you Lime Crime minions just don't get it.

    Let me explain it slowly for you.

    Oh Deere has made a career convincing people like you that her products are utterly unique. The problem here is that they're not, as proven by the swatches of the eye dusts (which appear to be mica just repackaged, marked up and sold at a higher price to people like you silly enough to fall for the marketing) and lipsticks (which can be easily replicated with other products, such as MAC).

    Now, sweetie, if you want to waste your cash on Oh Deere's products, go straight ahead. There is that old saying about a fool and their money, after all.

    However, if you are going to stake your reputation, and base your marketing, on being unique, which Oh Deere does, you probably should make sure you are unique.

    Although, now that I think about it, when it comes to threatening people with lawsuits if they don't give her products good reviews, she's very unique. I've not heard of a reputable makeup organisation suing people for bad reviews. So your hero is unique, just not in a good way.


  21. Jane,

    Let *me* explain it slowly for you.

    Uniqueness in Lime Crime brand is not solely in the product itself. When you buy lime crime, you support the amazing makeup tutorials, you support the content that Xenia takes her time to supply in her blog. You support a lifestyle and ideal, not simply a product. THAT is what people are buying into, and it's rather cruel to call those people fools. Lime crime "minions" might as well be accused of being stupid for buying CDs rather than downloading them illegally or cheaper for free. Lime crime is unique in the fact that it offers particularly bright and interesting colours, rather than a handful of bright colours and the rest filler, boring taupes and beiges. Let it be noted that your snarky comments hidden behind polite words and pet names are of poor taste.


  22. I must say I came to this sight today to buy some eyeshadows frome Lime Crime and I stumbled upon this blog. I think it is hilarious that you guys are giving this owner such a hard time when no one in the makeup industry is unique. They all copy off each other to include the more famous brands. Just the other day I needed a new Duwop amber eyes compact beofore I bought it I decided to look through my mounds of makeup to see if another one of my eyeshadows came close I found the exact color made by smashbox and bare minerals. I was not upset but relieved that I did not have to spend $30 on more eyeshadow. I love Mally, Laura Geller, Ready to Wear, Bare Minerals and more and every time someone comes out with something the other person comes out with the exact same thing but for their own reasons. Even though we as humans are unique we have to remember that so are those around us. When someone has an idea you may have had the same but did not act on that idea until you see that person doing it and are successful. Sara Blakely who developed spanx was not the first to come up with the idea but she is the one someone took notice and she actually named them. Please tell me how many spax do you see on the market that are not called spax and may have even been out first. What if I told you that I was infamous for buying reflections control pantyhose and when they tore I would cut the legs off which left me with spanx. It was made out of the same material and I kicked myself to know I had been doing it all along but wasn't smart enough to develop it into a product.
    Go to e-bay see how many people are selling fake high end items and claiming they are authentic when anyone who owns the real thing can spot their fake a mile away. There is one thing in selling a fake for less and write imitation but seeing that it is frowned upon it will not happen openly. But just know if the big companies are doing it why is it not acceptable too for little companies?

    Xenia is trying. She is not at home blaming the economy for this situation she is out there doing something for herself. Leave your comment it helped me because if these products are cheaper somewhere else then that's all I care about but her colors are beautiful. The last I checked, the corner seafood store which imports the same lobsters as Red Lobster and the nearest five star restaurant but doesn't charge an arm and a leg doesn't stop them from charging what they want for their product. It gives us an option.
    Now please go review other makeup sites and products because I could use your help everywhere not just here. You said your piece and thanks to you people are enlightened.
    Now you have to let them make their own choice.

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