Thursday, 19 November 2009

Giveaway time!

To celebrate reaching over 50 followers i'm having a giveaway.

I decided to try and buy prizes that could make a whole 'look' together. So i chose to do a sort of super bright, glittery disco look. Of course you can also use all the bits separately :)

One winner will receive:
A Steve Madden cosmetics bag
2True glitter eyeliner in a beautiful turquoisey green
2True glamour lashes
2True lip and cheek tiny in Blush pink (i have my own bottle of this and LOVE it, review to come shortly)
Eyeko Disco nail polish
Collection 2000 Poptastic Eye Palette

So a few little rules for entry:
1. You must be a follower to enter.
2. In your comment please leave me with a suggestion/request for posts you'd like to see here.
3. Anyone anywhere in the world can enter, but if you're outside the UK obviously the prize will take longer to reach you.
4. The Winner will be chosen randomly on 30th november.

(sorry for the poor picture, again the lighting is terrible in my house! I will post more photos ASAP showing the prize in natural light)

Good luck everyone and thanks again for following! :)


  1. Enter me please :)

    Maybe you could do a post on the products you can't live without or your top 5/10 products you keep going back to again and again. sorry if you have already done these :) xxx

  2. Enter me please :D

    Perhaps include your other interests such as your art/illustration work. x x x

  3. yay congrats on your 50 followers ^_^

    id love to see more posts on your favourite products and that woderful fashion sense you have =)


  4. Personally I love the random daily life posts and the pretty pictures of your looks.

  5. Congrats doll!

    I would love to see more looks, with product breakdown! Those are my favorite XD

  6. what cool prizes! I would love to enter!!

    I'd like to see some more makeup looks for sure, and fashion stuff! You have fantastic style.

  7. I loved the Lipstick videos you made on youtube, maybe you could do something similar with blushes here? I'm a bit of a blush addict at the moment, so I'd love that :)

  8. Perhaps you should do some of your favorites for a series... I'm always on the lookout for what really works for people. And more on your hair! :D

  9. My favourite things to see on blogs are EOTD's. They are like lil inspirations :)

  10. Congrats! I just started following your blog a few days ago and I love it. I agree with more FOTD's, you seem to have a lot of products I'm too scared to try myself XD I could never feel confident in a purple lip color but it looks fabulous on you. I'd love to see more of your collection :)

  11. I would love to see more makeup reviews, especially in video format.

  12. Congratulations, Lillian!
    Hmm,what to suggest? I've seen your awesome overreview about your lip products, maybe you could to same thing with eyeshadows, eye liners etc?:)

  13. Yay! That's great! Hm, a suggestion?
    I'd love to see more looks of yours! Clothes and shoes included!
    I love when you post pictures of your make-up 'cause they are very cute but you also have a cute taste on clothes and I'd like to see more of them!

  14. Wow, this is a lovely, generous giveaway!

    I'd love to see sme of your artwork too, but as a mineral makeup beginner, I'd really love to see a guide to applying the stuff without it going everywhere!

  15. Hi! I am your 55th follower ;-) I like to see EOTD and stuffs like ins and outs, lists of favorite products, etc :-) Thanks for the contest!

  16. I'm not a follower (though I do have you on bookmark) - but I'll love to see more swatches and reviews of products you use :) I loved the video swatches you have done.

  17. Congrats!

    I'd like to see more looks and reviews :) Also some little scoops on your fave products would be highly appreciated!

  18. Congrats! Please make a post or a video about your all time favourite product, skincare, maken up and maybe also sunscreen?
    lots of love xoxoxo

  19. Oh congratulations for all the new followers! ^^

    Please enter me, dear!

    I'd love to se some make up tutorial! That'd be just simply great!

  20. congrats!
    id definitely like to see maybe some fashion related vids! you have a unique style and am interested to find out what you like! x

  21. Hello! ^_^/

    I absolutely love your sense of style and would like to see more posts on daily outfits and accessories. They would brighten my day. :D

  22. I'm a follower! Hmm what to suggest, you've already said that you are going to post more FOTD which is exactly what I would ask for! Maybe some posts about cute little accessories that you find?


  23. i would love to see "a day in the life of" style posts every now and again. i love your blog!


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