Sunday, 29 November 2009

I'm back!

Phew, today i've finally waved goodbye to the Elf costumes. They weren't complicated to make at all, but took longer than i expected, especially as i am using the new sewing machine, which i'm not used to. Then i had to embellish the jackets with beads and trims and things. I stayed up til 4 yesterday and woke up at 11 and solidly sewed on individual beads until 4 this afternoon. I am shattered and my fingers are very sore.

But it's over now! My girlfriend is very happy because she has a weird thing about velvet, she can't touch it and doesn't even like to look at it, so i had to be on velvet duty and move any pieces that crossed her path :P

Tomorrow i have my last illustration class, which is a bit of a relief because going to brighton is really draining my (small) financial resources, but is also a shame because i've really enjoyed it and it's nice to see my friend Chris (who is the teacher) so often.

Anyway after than i will be free, well except for making christmas presents, and an art show i'm in next week, but that will just be putting up previously made work, so shouldn't be too much work. So hopefully i'll be back to semi-regular posting from now on!

I see i've got some more followers since i was last on! Thank you guys so much, please enter my giveaway if you like the look of the prize, it ends tomorrow and i'll be drawing the winner on tuesday. I'll check out all of your blogs as soon as i can and also to the blogs i'm following, i'm going to catch up on your entries soon too :)

Now it's time for an incredibly early night. Mmm sleep.


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