Monday, 9 November 2009

Thanks to everyone who commented on my last post!
I've decided to combine all of your suggestions!
I'm gong to try covering my eyebrows and drawing on the high arch just to see if it suits me (i'll take photos so i can get your opinions) then if it's a hit i will go get the professionally done and then i can do the upkeep at home :)

My E.L.F. brushes finally came today! After i've given them a thorough play i'm going to give them a proper review, but so far (having only used a few of them once :P) i love them! I used the powder brush mainly and it was so incredibly soft! I just kept stroking it over my face again and again because it feels so nice.
Up until now i've only used rubbish brushes, either incredibly cheap ones from superdrug, a very very old set of Hard Candy ones the dreaded sponge applicators or even my fingers.

While the actual brushes are great they took an age to come! I've heard they usually have really quick shipping, but with me it took over 2 weeks. Also because i was a bit worried about them (it said on my delivery confirmation that it would be about 2-5 days) i emailed them to ask if there was any problems, but i didn't get a reply. It was just a bit irritating. Having said that they now have a bunch of new studio products and i want to buy lots of them!

I hate to say it but i'm afraid i've got even more Lime Crime drama to come at you. Sigh.


  1. oo i'd love to know what the E.L.F brushes are like. A Costume Jewellery store called "BLING" here sells E.L.F (at ridiculously marked up prices i might add). looking forward to it! p.s i mainly use crappy brushes too hehe i can't justify spending much on them until i hit the big time lol.

  2. Can't wait to see your reviews! I bought just one brush from Aromaleigh (the one on sale right now) - I'm not sure how am I to use it, but I'm sure I'll figure it out with tutorials and such :) Maybe if I have been girlified enough I'll start my own blog: "Makeup n00b" :D

  3. Ooh I can't wait for your review! I have a few Elf brushes...a crease one and eyeshadow one but they are far too fluffy for my tastes! I like dense brushes for loose pigments, I think I am a weirdo.

    PS...I am living vicariously through your LC drama. You are so strong for standing up for yourself and an inspiration to me! I'm such a scaredy cat.

  4. I love my e.l.f. brushes especially the studio line! I refuse to buy any others anymore!

  5. I have almost all E.L.F. Studio brushes- I just got my blusher brush and angled foundation brush as well. Love them ALL! Only one that I don't have is Studio kabuki brush. I ordered most of my brushes from Makeup Mix Shop, not from E.L.F UK site - price was cheaper and shipping time was the same. Only problem is that in Mkeupmixshop products are often out of stock:(

  6. oo thanks Sil for bringing up Makeup Mix Shop. I can't order from E.L.F as i'm in New Zealand, but MakeupMix ships here (yay!) for such a miniscule charge! shopping here i come :)

  7. Catherine:

    So far the brushes are working really well! I bought the whole of the Studio Range which are £3.50 each and they are the softest brushes i've ever felt! I want to really put them through their paces before i review them though :)

    So many bloggers are enamoured with Mac brushes but i just can't justify spending that much money on a brush when i could be buying a lovely colour!

    I've been wearing makeup since i was 13, and yet i still dont know how to use brushes properly! I just slap it on :P
    I would love to read that blog if you do end up making i!

    Lisa Kate:
    The ones i got were from the Studio range, are yours?
    I'm a huge scaredy cat too. I just feel the need to reply when she sends me more emails.

    Evil Angel:
    I got the studio ones too and i'm so impressed already! I used the powder brush and got a more even finish than i ever have before!

    I bought the 10 piece set of them so i got all except the blusher brush and the kabuki.
    I might have to have a look there if it's cheaper! Thanks for the tip.


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