Wednesday, 4 November 2009


Well not actually of the day, it was from last week actually, but i've been too busy to show it. I just liked my makeup and hair.

Who's a goofy bunny then?

As far as i can remember i was wearing:
Dainty Doll foundation in Ivory
Collection 200 illuminating touch concealer
Illamasqua loose powder in the light pink shade
Mac blush in Azalea
TKB trading sparkling violet mica
Sleek glitter liquid eyeliner in pink
Illamasqua intense lipgloss in Indulge


  1. Aw you look adorable! Have I told you how much I love your hair?? Too cute! That necklace is pretty awesome too!

  2. You are so adorable!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. you are honestly too cute =)
    and i love how you do your hair!
    Is it teased or do you do something else to it?

    And i love that pink lipgloss, you are making me so jealous that i cant find an illamasqua close to where i live, lol

  4. Lisa Kate:
    Thank you so much! I hate my hair at the moment because my roots are so awful! It's my favourite necklace, you cant see but its made of those hologram things, so when you move the lips move from smiling to kissing.

    Evil Angel:
    thank you very much! :)

    Thank you! Here i've flattened the hair at the top of my head, and then teased the bottom. It's naturally curly, but sometimes i'll straighten it before i tease it which makes it stick out even more!
    If you'd like next time i go to the Illamasqua i can do swatches for you, or we could do an international swap sometime if you wanted :)

    thank you so much!


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