Saturday, 14 November 2009


So as you may have seen from my previous posts, i've been shopping something fierce recently!

Here's all i got (except for some christmas presents) from the Carnaby street sale:

Firstly i got this dress:

Which i have wanted for ages, but as it's Bettie Page Clothing (one of my favourite clothing companies) it was too expensive for me to usually even thing of buying. However... 20% off! The sizing in Bettie Page clothing are odd. On anything that is made of stretch material I can be anything from a medium to X-large and there really only seems to be the tiniest bit of difference between them, but with things without stretch i can't fit into anything less that an XX-large because otherwise my boobs get all squashed :P At the moment the size in stretch fabrics (this dress is stretchy) that fits me best is X-large, but the one i bought was just a large. It's a tiny bit too tight but really so little i figured it was worth it. They didn't have x-large in the black but said they could order it in, but that would take several months. I tried it in another colour in the X-large and to me it looked and felt exactly the same as the Large. It was a tiny bit tight, but such a small amount i figured it was worth it anyway. Also i'm hoping to lose a bit of weight :)


These were love at first sight. In a way they sort of reminf me of a funky-punky Margaret Thatcher :P These are by Poetic License, i got them in the Irregular Choice shop, so i guess they're some kind of sub-brand. And again, 20% off!

Some jewellery:

The heart bracelet was from Lazy Oaf. I really like it because i have disproportionately skinny wrists and generally hard bracelets like this don't fit me (i have the most beautiful giant see-through blue crystal heart one and it just slips off my constantly so i cant wear it :( ). The goldfish necklace and earrings are from Octopus. I had to get them because i have a very old painting somewhere of a girl with a (real) goldfish in a bowl for an earring, and they just reminded me of that. Also compared to the majority of my jewellery which is plastic and neon and gaudy these seem quite elegant and classy!


Like i said, MAC was so full and busy i couldn't do any browsing, and thus no impulse buying, but i got a few bits that had been on my wishlist. So i got:
Prep and Prime Face SPF 50. I got this for the summer, so it will stay unopened until then!
Dazzleglass in Funtabulous. Have been wearing this a lot already. I love it's blue and purple pearl.
Violetta Lipstick. Just great and fun!
Lip Pencil in Magenta. To make up for the one i bought ages back that turned out to be just an empty box :(

Then today my girlfriend and i went to the cinema (we saw Up in 3D. It was wonderful. I cried and cried) and afterwards i had a little shop while i was in town. I bought the prize for my upcoming giveaway (just 3 more followers left!) and some bits for myself.

revlon lipstick in wild orchid and cherries in the snow. Wild orchid is a fuschia with a blueish pearl and slight shimmery finish. Cherries in the snow is a brilliant very pinky blue based red. This was one of the first lipsticks i had (stolen from my Mum at around age 12) and i just fancied getting it again because i like it and don't have anything that similar.

Sleek Wonderlast lip colour. This looks more bubblegum-ish in the photo than it is really. In real life it is one of the brightest, best neons i've ever seen. It's also ever so slightly shimmery, which is great as most neons are matte and one of those super long-lasting liquid lipsticks (I've never seen one this colour before!). I can't wait to try it out on my lips.

Collection 2000 Glam Crystals eyeliner in Dancing queen (the pink) and Pow! (the blue). These are, i think, the best glitter eyeliners i've tried. They're so full of glitter that one swipe is probably enough! And some of the colours (including the 2 i got) have holographic glitter in them, which i've never seen before!

Also i meant to pick up Revlons Matte Real Red (or whatever it is actually called) but somehad had put the wrong lipstick in the place, so i got 'Love that Red'. Of course i didn't check until i had got it home, opened it and swatched it, so i can't take it back. It's very nice, but just not what i wanted, and because i'm poor i can't really afford to keep it.
So if anyone wants it it's yours for £5.50 (including postage in the UK, £7 for international). It's only been swatched once (though if anyone wants to see it i'll swatch it once more :) and retails for £7.45. Here it is:

I am now incredibly poor :( I'm praying i get paid very soon!

If anyone wants to see a swatch of anything i've posted just ask, though i'm sure i'll be posting some FOTD's featuring these products really soon! :D

Oh and i apologise for the awful state of my carpet! On monday we're having some building work done, so we just keep going 'no point in hoovering until afterwards'. So it is foul!


  1. I want to see pictures of you in that's amazing!

  2. It is isn't it? I shall post pictures when i do wear it :)

  3. I LOVE pin up clothing, so this dress is automatically awesome. Especially the shoes. Why is pin up clothing so blasted expensive? Worth it though. :D

  4. Me too! I can't really pull it off, but i love it so much i cant help but buy it anyway. And totally worth it!


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