Thursday, 5 November 2009

Oh for gods sake

'Wow . . . what a power trip you’re on, “I could have made her life hell.” That’s sad, Lillian. Get over it.

And about these “allegations” coming out . . . you’re part of the problem! You’re accusing her of repackaging with no proof, which —HELLO— is LIBEL! You are old enough to know what that is and to also know that Xenia should get a lawyer for that kind of shit.

You claim to be an illustrator, so why is your blog so unartistic? Are you too dense to figure out how to use Photoshop or Illustrator? 12 year olds can use those programs. Maybe you couldn’t get into University?

You have no talent so you try to suck the energy from someone who is working hard for her success. How lame.

BTW . . . you have a right to clogged arteries. So go enjoy those crisps and cakes, girl! Just know that if you put yourself on camera while you’re being a jerk, some people may notice.'

Mary won't let me reply to her on Doe's blog, so i figured i would do it here.

I'm not on a power trip, i'm just sharing my experience. When i wrote 'i could have made her life hell' i mean i could have joined in the name calling, helped get her paypal account closed after the charity thing, just continued insulting her all these years etc etc. The fact is i didn't.

If Xenia wants to sue me she can go ahead. All i've said is that I agree with the many others who have found exact duplicates to her eyeshadows. The proof has been shown in other blogs.

I am an artist and illustrator but i use traditional media, inks, pens, pencils, paints and so on. I can use photoshop a little, but not well and i'm not ashamed to admit it. I'm not too interested in digital art so have seen no need to learn it well.

Another reason why my blog doesn't look artistic is that i don't care what it looks like, it's here for me to write in. Also i'm too busy trying to make a career for myself with my art, the blogs i have are just a hobby, so i'm not going to spend time and effort on them when i can be making art i can actually sell, or trying to get exhibitions and so on.

And yes, i did go to university, Wimbledon College of Art, which is widely regarded as a fantastic art school. And I graduated. If you must know i got a 2:2, which is good, but not excellent, but i am happy with it.

And you know what, if i had some some cake and crisps in the hosue i would be all over them. Because i like them.

Thank you to everyone who has left me encouraging comments about this, i will make sure i reply to you all later. But right now i have to go suck the energy from other thin, successful people.


  1. Yeah...this kind of stuff is why I stepped away from talking about this...

    Don't worry though, I have a feeling (and hope!) that these are like 12 year old girls saying this stuff. An adult (like you or me) would definitely be a lot more articulate and, you know, a better consumer with an actual opinion instead of following a persona that may or may not be real.

    As for "Xenia could get a lawyer for that shit"? Well, she really can't. It is your opinion and you are entitled to it.

    Saying anything about your weight is absolutely ridiculous! Where are they getting that from? I wasn't aware that weight meant your experiences don't count...I think you are gorgeous, by the way! And far from fat! (Plus, Xenia isn't that thin herself...just saying.)

    And, well, if you were against thin, successful people, wouldn't you have gone after someone else sooner?

    Side note, I finally watched that video...The whole robotic, complete devoid of emotion and reading off a script thing pretty much turned me off even more to her. I would have liked to seen real emotion, or maybe her actual thoughts instead of a script. Just saying.

  2. These comments are so immature, so childish and ridiculous. I know, it's probably easier to tell, but don't take these comments seriously. They are not worth it. You are a beautiful and courageous young woman. Take care!

  3. Oh my god! This whole thing is so outrageous. I am sooo sorry to hear all these nasty things people feel compelled to sling at you just because you told your story... which, in my opinion, needed to be heard!! It sounds like you are very secure in yourself, which is great, but getting barrages of personal insults from strangers is never pleasant :( Especially over THIS, WTF

  4. I cant believe the way people have reacted to you - fine have a different point of view, Not fine to make personal insults against someone about their size, oh and FYI, I don't know how to use photoshop etc. And I went to uni. Twice (and yes, I got degrees both times). These comments are completely pathetic from these people, and I'm glad you are standing up for yourself xxx

  5. I've been fan of Xania/Doe Deere's for a while, following her makeup tutorials for a while. I'm not employed at the moment, but back in the summer I got enough birthday money to order some makeup from her. I was really excited about it, but after four or five days of not getting anything in the mail, I e-mailed her to ask what was up. She said that it could take anywhere from 2-5 weeks to get to me. Now, I looked all over that website and there was nothing there that mentioned 2-5 weeks to ship *makeup*. When I had finished reading the e-mail, I went back to the site found out that she had added that it would take 2-5 weeks for all orders.

    After a few weeks (and after the event I especially ordered them early for had passed) two very small pots of makeup showed up. I had bought her 'Pixie Finishing Dust' which was basically finely milled baby powder. While I've used the eyedust quite a bit (I paid for it; might as well get the wear out of it) I haven't had much use for the Pixie dust.

    Although I had been bummed out that the makeup I'd been so excited about was far from exciting, I continued to follow her blog because I enjoyed/enjoy her makeup tutorials. As I don't follow other makeup blogs, I had missed out on all of the drama until she had posted her video and I found a link to your blog in the comments section. So last night I spent a good hour going through your posts on her and Lime Crime as well as a few other blogs. And I have to say, I've changed my mind about her quite a bit.

    I will probably always check out her blog since I do love her makeup ideas, but I will definitely never buy anything from her ever again. I will be checking out the alternatives that you posted in one of your prior posts on her.

    Also, I want to apologize to you for the comments attacking your weight, though I'm not Mary. I found it incredibly disgusting and childish that anyone would say the things that she said. I've personally struggled with my own weight for years and it's not easy, and I find it completely despicable that attacking someone's weight is still considered acceptable. I hope none of this gets you down. You're adorable and from one 21 year old to another, you're handling yourself incredibly well in a situation you didn't ask to be thrown into.

    Take care.

  6. this "mary" girl actually froze her comment so she could artificially have the last word? LOL

    i already told her to grow up, and am now even more convinced that she must be 12 years old.

  7. My blood boils just thinking about this. I just saw that latest comment, and I finally said something on the blogazine. I wanted to laugh when I read about the photoshop/illustrator thing. Who gives a rat's ass what your blog looks like?! You said it best yourself--"i don't care what it looks like, it's here for me to write in." And just because a person is an illustrator doesn't mean that you have to be a genius in photoshop/illustrator. As an illustration major myself, I know that you don't have to be proficient in those programs to do what we do. It's all about the artist's personal taste and style. How people get to be so ignorant and mean is beyond me. I'm sorry you've been targeted like this--I'm fighting for you!!

  8. Xenia doesn't allow my comments on her blog anymore. She has not allowed any comment of mine that told her fans to actually go see what these people have to say about her before passing judgement.

    They can buy her overpriced products for all I care, but all I wish is for them to make an informed decision. Look at what others have to say then decide for yourself, if supporting Xenia is really worth it or not.

  9. I actually removed my blogpost about Limecrime because of all these horrible things I've read about her :( Thanks again for updating us!

  10. Hi Lillian! I saw on the Examiner post that you'd like some LC samples? I've got a few I wouldn't mind giving out!
    The colors I own are:
    Circus Girl
    Lime Criminal
    Dragon Scales

    I'm also very sad you've been targeted by her slobbering fans. I used to be a fan, but now I'm just disappointed. :(

  11. "huuugss"
    i cannot believe people can be so rude and disgusting! Makeup blogging is supposed to be a fun and exciting was to show off our ideas and learn for each other - i cant see why this girl has to degrade our little corner of the blogging community (and herself) by saying such disgusting things and commenting on a situation she obviously knows nothing about.

    Dont take it too hard Lillian. Everyones right, she's probably just some sad little 12yr-old attampting to stand up for a horrible role model.


  12. I'm very sorry to bring it up but in the video, she looks to the left when she says it's making her emotional, that means she's lying. Other times she looks to the right and she's just remembering. But that shows how scripted it was. And the blinking.

    P.S. Sweetie keep going, I'd love some cakes crisps right now too!

  13. I read that love letter to you from Mary and let me say this: I don't know you and had never seen a photo or video of you before any of this happened. When you posted that video of you, I must admit, I thought you were so unique looking and stunning! Not to mention, you have a very charming personality and seem kind. Mary can stuff it!

  14. Lisa Kate:
    I certainly hope that girl is about 12, if she is an adult i would be VERY worried about her!

    I'd love for Xenia to try and sue us for posting our opinions. it would be hilarious!

    Well you see Lisa Kate, when you get to a certain size your brain just flips out, and anyone thinner than you is game for slander and lies.

    Thank you for your support and compliments, it's very sweet of you.

    Her video was really hard for me to watch. Her 'proof' that she makes her products was hilarious.

    Thank you very much. I'm not upset at all about her insults anymore because they're just so silly! You take care too.

    Remi X:
    Thank you so much. You're really kind. It really wasn't pleasant to be told again and again that i am just jealous and fat by someone who clearly hasn't even paid attention to what i've been saying, but i've gotten over it because it's all just so stupid!
    Also it's nice that a lot of people, for or against Lime Crime are sticking up for me.

    In a way it's heartening that the only thing this girl could say to insult me was that i am fat. Her whole point, that i am lying because i am jealous simply because i'm fat is simply laughable.
    When will we learn that without photoshop skills we will never amount to anything :(
    And sorry, if you can't use photoshop or illustrator you are clearly lying about your degrees. You're probably not even a nurse! You're just lying for.... some reason.


    she's constantly changing her website. Once she had a photo of her wearing Ben Nye makeup (when she used to only do makeup tutorials she said what she used) then when she brought out her makeup line she showed the same photo and claimed she was wearing all Lime Crime. Then when the repackaging scandal came out, she removed all mention from her blog and website that mentioned her actually creating them.

    Her video really seemed to have done more harm than good, i've heard from lots of people that they knew nothing about the whole thing until she showed the video, and now they believe the other blogs instead of her.

    I hope you find the alternatives i've posted helpful! When i can afford to i'm going to get a whole bunch from the sites i mentioned and do reviews.

    And thank you very much for your support and kindness. It's pathetic that to hurt someone people always just jump to physical appearance. Although in a way it just shows that she couldn't think of anything else to criticise me for, so i guess thats good!
    You take care of yourself too girl :)

  15. I'm a reader of Doe's blog as well, although whether or not I'll be buying anything from her now is a different matter.

    I just wanted to say that I think a lot of her fans' (and whether or not I count myself as one of her fans anymore is a different matter, too...) comments are just kneejerk reactions to their 'idol' being criticised.

    I left a similar comment myself - something along the lines of, How could people say these things!? - but then I went away and read other blogs, reviews, etc. (including your past experiences) and it really made me think twice. I just wish that some of the other commenters at DDB would do the same at some point.

    And Mary's comment isn't even worth bothering with. She must realise that you're definitely not the only person to have criticised Lime Crime and that you're not running a pointless one-woman-hate-campaign based on some vendetta.

    If the experience that you had with Xenia in the past really happened (I don't really see why you'd lie, and it seems that Mary could only concoct some ridiculous reason involving your difference in weight, of all things...), then people do deserve to know about it, because a business person's attitude towards his/her customers is very important.

    For the record, I absolutely love crisps and cakes, too (which must explain why I'm becoming anti-LC...maybe I've eaten too much of them, huh?).

  16. phoenixfalling: Life is too short to not enjoy some delicious crisps and sweet cake. Weight isn't a measure if one is intelligent, classy or attractive - so Mary can be sizeist for all I care. She's just making herself look stupid, even to the other DDB commenters.

  17. wow, xenia's fans. you keep using the word "libel" all willy nilly. in the immortal words of inigo montoya: "i do not think it means what you think it means."

    found the original duct tape dress post! i knew i had read it before :)

  18. heartclef:
    i know, it's pathetic. I must say i seriously hope she's 12, if she's older i'd actually be worried about her!

    Kat A:
    Thank you for defending me, it was really lovely for you.
    Oh noes! She knows i'm lying about being an artist because of the shoddy state of my blog. Obviously i'm lying because... uhh... because fat people can't tell the truth?
    I'm actually quite pleased with her second stupid comment because it was so ludicrous it stopped me being upset by her calling me fat and disturbed.

    I love how she claimed she 'always allows respectful comments'. Apparently 'respectful' means kissing her arse. I'm actually impressed that she left a few up that weren't entirely sycophantic for once.
    I'm the same, the only reason i shared my experience is that i wanted people to have all the information possible. If they still choose to buy her products then that's absolutely fine, it just saddens me that so many people are taken in by her and refuse to even contemplate anything remotely negative people have to say about her.

    No problem. I'm sorry about all this drama, i know it's not pleasant to hear about.

    Hi Neoscottie, thank you so much!
    If you read this please email me at:
    and then we can sort it out :)
    Well one nice thing about being attacked by that Mary was seeing how many people were willing to stick up for me, I know what you mean about being disappointed, i was friends with her years ago and loved her clothing line, and then she started ripping off other peoples styles and it was really quite upsetting. Seeing that someone you admire is really a fraud is very difficult.

    Thank you so much for your support. It is disappointing that this one girl is being so horrible, but it's lovely to see so many people rushing to defend me, even people who don't know me.

  19. Anon:
    I agree. I wouldn't read to much into it except that i know she is lying!
    And thank you. Cake and crisps are tasty and should be celebrated!

    Thank you so much. What an absolutely lovely comment to read :)
    Personally i do think i need to lose a bit of weight, but that's certainly no reason to attack me, nor does it make my opinions any less valid. I know she was trying to stick up for Doe, but it just made her look mental, and by extension Doe herself look bad.

    Personally i have no problem with anyone elses comments, i understand that a lot of people had no idea about the allegations before her and i'm sure i too would rush to defend someone i admired.
    I guess i let Mary's comments get to me a bit too much.
    If you wanted to see, the original post about the dress is here:
    Xenia has deleted all of her comments, but you can read peoples reactions.
    I thought it was relevant to whats happening now because i heard that again Lime Crime were giving people bad customer service (someone said they bought eyeshadows and when they arrived they'd all spilled out of the pots, and Lime Crime said they didn't do refunds) so i thought i'd bring up the fact that she's scammed people in the past.

    Ha ha! There's no choice, once you eat a certain amount of cake the hatred just builds up inside you and you have to make up vicious lies about people!

    I know, now apparently airing any form of opinion is Libel. Even when you do have proof of what you're saying. I love how people keep saying 'theres no proof' when there are many blog posts and even more people who have commented to say their pigments are exact copies. Even if she is somehow making the shadows herself they certainly aren't unique in any way!


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