Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Limety Crimety


God... i really hate that my whole blog is turning into one big entry about Lime Crime (maybe i should actually start a new blog dedicated to it?)

I'm not going to go into it fully today, or problem anytime soon as i am tired and busy.
Bascially now Lime Crime is sending out emails threatening to sue people if they don't remove posts reviewing her badly. Not just posts that are claiming her products are repackaged or whatever, just blogs that have given her products a negative review:

I'm very surprised i haven't received a letter from her 'lawyer', maybe it's because i live overseas? Or maybe because i haven't got any of her products (yet) to review badly.

Anyway i'm certainly not going to let her bullying tactics stop me. I have more to say about this disgusting censorship of peoples blogs, comments etc. And i am definately still going ahead with my TKB/Lime Crime comparison video when my sample shades arrive. And, even though i really would love to just tear her apart, i will be truthful because i have integrity. Also as it will be on video people will see if i'm lying!

I've also recieved some comments from Lime Crime fans recently. I will reply to them if i have the time. However one of them really annoyed me. My mother is not an idiot for trusting an ebay auction and why on earth would i lie about it? I really don't understand what reason i could have for making the story up. If anyone could tell me i would genuinely like to know!

The link to the good old duct tape dress post is here:

While Xenia has deleted her comments, the replies make it pretty clear what she said.

I have said again and again in these posts that these are just my opinions, that if you still want to support lime crime i am not out to stop you or get at you! I don't see why, according to Lime Crime i am a bully. People get bad reviews all the time, i don't see why in these cases we are just 'internet bullies'.

And again, for people still doubting the duping allegations (and again these are just allegations as noone can have definate proof without somehow getting evidence from Lime Crime herself):

Expect a longer, more in-depth post on the subject soon. And i would actually like to apologise for this stupid drama cropping up again and again!


  1. I was so angry when I saw what happened to Grey@Gothique. I thought it was disgusting. I support you Lillian, and am looking forward to your video review.

  2. Good Gods
    she is just hurting herself with this. Every one was moving on. No one was bloging about it anymore. We were all ready to get over it, and then she pulls this crap

  3. Lords alive. I can honestly say I'm rather glad you're not going to change, because I *like* that you're honest.

  4. I'm totally behind you. Every time it dies down, Doh brings it up again! She is shooting herself in the foot, badly. She is immersed in so much drama that I don't think she will claw her way out.

  5. I tried posting on her blog a second ago. It has to be approved. I doubt it will be. I just said:

    "Did you stop selling the eye glitters because you realized $12 a lil jar was kind of ridiculous?
    I think why a lot of people are angry because they saved up a bunch of money, made an order and realized they already had the product (or very similar) at a much cheaper price.
    I bought 6 jars of glitter for the sale $10 price each. I was still new at buying makeup online and didn't know where to research. I bought them thinking I was getting a unique product only to find out a week later another company had the exact same thing at a quarter of the price.
    That is why people are angry. Not because we are "jealous".
    I also think it's not really right to try to silence people when they may have a slight negative thing to say about a product. I saw a lipstick review and the blogger had nice things to say too but it just wasn't good enough for you. It's all good or a legal threat.
    All you're doing is fueling the fire. "

    Bah. oh wells. I'm not gonna lose any sleep over it. :D

  6. i read that post of hers before i read this and i honestly feel the exact same way. How can she justify censoring people own personal opinions - and then to urge her readers to post positive reviews and comments throughout the internet promoting her line is just plain disgusting! If people want to give u a bad review then its their own choice and if they want to leave a positive one then thats also their choice - they shouldnt have to be told to do it.

  7. *refrains from making comment about LC having extra money to throw around frivolous lawsuits from all the ripping people off*

  8. She's a truly horrible person. Don't let her get you down!

  9. re: Tea's comment

    If putting together a good case to sue for libel in the US is anything as expensive as it is in the UK, I seriously doubt Lime Crime has the money to do it.

    I've e-mailed Doe telling her honestly but politely what I think about this, but I'm not really expecting a reply, especially as I stated at the end I'll no longer be following her blog or buying her products.

    Lillian, I'm sure you don't need me to say it, but I never saw anything in your posts that smacked of 'bullying' in the slightest. I saw a legitimate complaint.

    I swear...if I were a qualified lawyer already, and you got one of those nice 'legal' 'requests' *cough* from Xenia, I'd call her bluff and represent you for free XD

  10. Honestly, I really hope you won't change. What Doe/Xenia is doing is wrong. If she was asking to the repackaging posts to be deleted I could understand it, even if I don't agree with it (it makes no sense to try to shut people up when you can't prove they are wrong... really.)
    but she's also making people who made honest reviews on her products to take them down!

    Grey/Gothique posts NEVER offended Doe! Her lime crime lipstick review was very honest, she even said she liked stiletto! She just complained about it being dry and about being colors you can find better quality! If I was Doe I'd take this in consideration, improve my lipstick line and send a sample to Grey.
    This way she'd be improving her company.

    If she is not repackaging I'll apolgize to her and I think it'd make sense to take down the blog posts, but her video was unprofessional, her swatches on her drama video were not honest and she never explained why she did not make the topic clear in the first place!

    Threatening people is not the right thing to do!
    If she is not repackaging it'll be proven by itself when you do your swatches or when anyone else do the swatches. If she's not repackaging she'll be as intrigued as us and will try to find why it happened. If she is repackaging, well, that's nothing she can do about it but admit it!

    Even if Lime Crime - A history was a heavy post Xenia could prove it wrong if she wanted to. I e-mailed her about it before starting showing people the blog posts and she never made a thing clear!
    I e-mailed her again when she posted her video, but she never answered!

    Now we are bullies, haters, and whatever! What the hell is that? While I agree some people took it to the personal side most people here have the right to complain and ask question!

    It's not about Lime Crime! If MAC or any other company do something that make me feel fooled I'll blog about it, I'll tell my friends and I'll try to find an explanation.

    When someone dislikes your product you can either try to make it better or ignore it. You can't stop them for saying so!

    This is not right.

    I was going to leave the LC topic behind me, but, when I saw what happened to Gothique, I couldn't stop being mad about it.

    I think her fans have the right to doubt us as much as we have the right of doubting Doe.

    Still, I can't see why they'd think you were lying and I can't believe some would rather say it was your mother's mistake then admit it was not an honest auction and that it was not the right way of responding.

    But Doe already apologizes and I think that's a good thing for her to do!

  11. (sry about english mistakes. it's not my mother language...)

  12. If she gives you any beef, contact someone similar to the ACLU ( American Civil liberties Union) This is clearly a case of first amendments right. Right to free speech. But if they are crying "slander". There is a differences between slander and being honest. In this case if you can prove what she is doing is ripping people off provided that what she is selling and what is telling the potential buyer is a form of deception, then all those bloggers that have negatively reviewed her products have a legit reason for doing so. But I say get all those bloggers whether from the US, UK or any ANY part of the world, and stand united-- if an email or letter comes your way, contact ACLU. They love pro-bono cases.

    If you want a stronger case, make sure to print out everything the limecrime website has. God knows when the time comes the website would be updated and all of those little "words" and descriptions would be modified. then it would be a case of she said and she said.

    Good luck.


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