Friday, 6 November 2009


My hair is irritating me so much. I really need to bleach my roots, but i can't do it myself and everyone is really busy.
Also my hair confuses me because even though i get around an inch of root growth every month it doesn't actually seem to be getting longer! It may be breaking off at the ends, but i certainly haven't noticed it.
Also while my hair is quite damaged because of the bleach i very rarely use heat styling or anything else. Though i do tease it a lot, which certainly isn't good for hair...

Anyway i've been trying to grow it out for about a year now because i don't think i've had hair longer than shoulder-length in my entire life! I'm hoping if it's long i'll be able to get it really huge like a lions mane :P Or sometimes i like to do my hair in pincurls and vintage styles, and i think i could make a wider variety of styles.

I've not had my hair it's natural colour since i was 10! In a way i kind of want to grow it out just to see if it's changed at all (it used to be dark blonde and poker straight naturally, then one day i dyed it red and it suddenly went curly and has never changed back). I also want to dye it ginger, not red but proper carrot-top ginger. And i looked good with black hair, so i am tempted to go back to that, but then i wouldn't be able to go back to blonde for years.
Silly as this sounds but i have a sort of image of myself in my head (like a cartoon version of me) and that has blonde hair.


  1. I would suggest doing some protein treatments for the damage, followed by a good moisture treatment. Take Biotin to help strengthen and promote growth.

    PS if you went to black or anything darker than your current blonde you could go back to your pale blonde in a few months. email me if you need color help, that's what I do. :)

  2. I actually like your roots, they go with your style!

    *stern face* Are you using conditioner? AND leaving it in for at LEAST 10 minutes? And do you brush your hair when its wet (big no no!)? When you rebleach, do you bring it all the way to the ends (another big no!)?

    Well those are my semi-professional questions haha! If you are doing all the things you *should* be doing and its still not growing, its probably because a majority of your hair is in the inactive phase of growth...which means you will see roots as some of the hair is growing, but each different strand can be at a different phase of "life" (there are 3 phases) at any time. My hair was like this, with most of it in the inactive phase, for close to a year! It's so frustrating!

  3. Also using hairspray too often may dry your hair and break it. I actually didn't know this but my hairdresser said that often women can't grow their hair longer because it has dried out due to using hairspray everyday.
    My hair used to be very dry but nowadays I only condition my hair once a week because otherwise it just gets lanky.
    I think that very blonde colour suits you but if your hair is dry then bleaching it doesn't help. Maybe try a darker colour for a change?
    I'm getting my hair cut next Friday. I have no idea what to do!

  4. I have naturally dark brown/black hair, and just recently I bleached the ends and coloured it blue. It came out blue-green (I call it mermaid, my friend said peacock :D) and I love it.

    Personally, I'm wicked jealous of people with pale, pale skin. I want to pull off the gothic look so badly (since I already have the naturally dark hair) but I feel like it's hard to do so with tanned skin.

  5. Evil Angel:

    That's a good idea. I've tried hot oil treatments before and that haven't worked well so i should try a protein treatment like you suggested. And I'm terrible at taking vitamins or supplements.
    Really? I'd love to know how! Once i went from black to blonde and it absolutely destroyed my hair!

    Lisa Kate:
    In answer to your stern questions (:P) i always leave my conditioner on for as long as possible, so thats usually over 10 minutes. I never brush my hair when it's wet but sometimes i go through it with a wide toothed comb, is that still bad for it?
    And when i bleach it i only do the roots now, when i was first getting it light i did bleach the whole thing a few times, but that was probably about 2 years ago.

    I hope it is just getting longer slowly and i just haven't noticed it because it's so curly. It is frustrating, but i do like my hair the length it is now anyway so i can cope.

  6. Saila:
    I use hairspray probably about once a week. But it probably is a big problem because i use it after teasing my hair, which isn't good for it anyway.
    I worry about going a darker colour because i'm sure i'd want to get it back to blonde after a while, and then that would damage it even more. I absolutely love your hair, it's such a gorgeous colour.

    Oooh it sounds beautiful! I love blue-green, i had my hair a very dark blue-green once with a light pink bit in my fringe and it was really lovely.

    I think it can be difficult, but i reckon you could still pull off a gothic look. In fact i think that darker lips in particular can look more flattering on darker skin, though probably not as striking.
    I really like having pale skin, but i'm so very pink it is so hard to found a foundation, and i burn ridiculously easy.

  7. Combing is totally fine, its the brushing that kills hair XD Seems like the combo of the inactive phase and your curls are making it seem like its not growing fast. No worries though, its all healthy!

  8. Lilian: I guess for me it will be a matter of experimentation - truth be told I have never messed around with makeup since I was a child (I am wearing eyeliner now every so often now); This might sound a little mean, but since the whole LC thing blew up I became more aware of other mineral makeup companies, and have decided to stop "waiting until my skin is less oily" and "until these damn zits are gone" and just take the jump in buying some make-up. If I don't buy any, I won't have any to play with.

    I just bought a bunch of samples from Aromaleigh. All I need now are brushes yay :)

    PS: I'll send/post a link of a photo of my hair once I manage to get a good one taken!

  9. Lisa Kate:
    I'm usually ashamed to admit this but i hardly ever brush my hair! Now i feel less bad about it because i can just claim i'm doing it to protect my hair!
    Guess i'll have to just be patient and wait a good while for it to get long. Thanks for your advice!

    Experimenting with makeup is just really fun for me! I love how you can make your face look completely different just by using different colours and shapes so i hope you have a lot of fun too!
    And I don't think it sounds mean of you! I know i've actually got more interested in mineral makeup too, it's really inspired me to try making my own eyeshadow and lipsticks!
    I'd love to see a photo once you get a good one :)


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