Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Some FOTDs, a to-do list and secret santa :)

We have men in our house working on some damp. I have mainly been hiding in my bedroom, tidying it (which is a lengthy and dull process) so by the time i come out of hiding and get ready to go out the light is terrible. Still i thought i'd post some pictures of me from the last few days.

this was me on monday, going to my illustration course:

(my hair is TERRIBLE! D:)

The lips looked so much better in real life. I used Mac Magenta lip pencil and then Mac Funtabulous lip glass. It turned out an amaing fuscia-purple with bright blue diamonds!

And here are a few of me today. This was the best lighting in my house, and as you can see it was terrible! My eyes look green!

Funny face by name...

I'm irritated i couldn't get a good photoof my eye makeup. It wasn't anything particularly special but (if i do say so myself) i did a really good job of blending, something i am usually pretty terrible at.

And here i am wearing my beautiful new dress.

Looking at this photo i can see that i really, really need to wear a girdle under it! :P foldy-roll!

Here is my to-do list of reviews, to remind myself :P
ELF studio makeup line
ELF studio brushes
Sleek double ended lip colour
NYX haul
Collection 2000 glam crystals eyeliner
Is there anything else i've either bought or discussed in this blog that anyone would like to see a review for? :)

Also a lovely blogger, Sabrina, is running a Secret Santa for UK bloggers:
I think it's a really sweet idea. The idea of sending each other presents seems a really nice way to unite bloggers :)


  1. I love both looks and I'm coming to steal that dress!
    P.S. My Hubby says you look hot in it! :)

  2. The lips look fabulous on you! And I love the dress :)

  3. You look gorgeous! What blush in that in the second pic? I want it!

    Grr, I love your hair!

    That dress is SO fab, may I borrow it? Just ship it to Ohio, I promise I'll return it >.<

  4. That dress is so gorgeous. And I am still in love with your Mac lippies. That fuchsia colour looks so good on you. Instead of a girdle, you should look into Spanx! It really helps with stuff like rolls :)

  5. Love the lips in the first pic! I have piddly little ones and dont know if i can pull off much color on them at risk of making them appear smaller. Also, the pink eyeshadow inspired me and im wearing HOT PINK eyes today (never thought i could pull it off, for risk of looking like i'd been punched), and i think i love it! I just posted a couple of FOTD's on my blog and will probably put the pink look up tomorrow.xx

  6. Looove the lips on the first one! It makes your face even more lovely! ^^

  7. Evil Angel:
    If you can get past its ridiculous price, you can buy the dress for yourself from here:
    They've got so many beautiful things i want, but cannot afford.
    Aww and tell your hubby he's very sweet :)

    thank you so much!

    Lisa Kate:
    Thank you!
    The blush is from Kryolan and is called Frambosia or Frambrosia (the name has rubbed off) i'm not sure if it's actually meant to be a blush or an eyeshadow. I had a look on ebay and googled it and cant find anywhere selling it at the moment im afraid :(

    I usually like my hair, but it was hideously filthy when those photos were taken!

    And noooo, you cannot have my dress, nyaaah! :P

    Thank you :)

    Aww thank you so much! I love fuschia/magenta lips at the moment, and i really love playing with different glosses over the Mac magenta lip pencil, you can make it look really different just by putting a gloss over the top.
    I've never tried Spanx, i'd like to! I do like wearing old-school girdles though, they make me feel glamourous XD

    Thank you so much!
    I've heard a tip if you have small lips is to slightly overdraw them with a lip pencil, but have no idea if it would actually work or just make you look silly. You could always try playing with brightly coloured glosses, because shine always makes lips look bigger.
    And that is so sweet of you saying i inspired you to do pink eyes. Personally i think they can be very flattering. I'd love to see the pictures when they're up :)

    Awww thank you so much! :)

  8. Lilian: That's true. Nothing says old school like a girdle!

  9. That is the coolest gloss I have ever seen. EVER!

  10. This dress is GORGEOUS on you! I like the beret too! Everything is so styleish!


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