Saturday, 21 November 2009

Barry M Nail paints

Here is my collection of Barry M Nail polishes.
These are all shown over a clear base coat, with 2 layers of polish and no top coat.
(apologies for my horrible nails. I have a nervous habit of biting my cuticles and the skin surrounding my nails)

No. 299 Racing Green

No. Grey

from left to right NP Neon Pink, No. 115 Red Black No. 244 Hologram Hexographs, No. 150 Red glitter

from left to right No. 302 Fuschia, No. 296 Coral, No. 295 Turquoise, No. 301 Block Orange

from left to right No. 303 Bright purple, No. 304 Mint Green, No. 305 Flamingo Pink

Barry M are my all time favourite brand for nail polishes. The formula is usually smooth and creamy, generally opaque in 2 coats and if used with a top coat can last for up to a week on me! They also come in a wonderful array of rainbow colours and cost only £2.95. I love them and look forward to adding more and more to my collection!


  1. I love Barry M nail polishes too, def a great quality for a so small price :-) Thanks for the swatches!

  2. I've always wanted to try Barry M products, but I can only order from ASOS. My bad habit with nails is peeling them! lol I know; weird.

  3. That red glitter polish is amazing!! I'm definitely buying some of that!


  4. Oh I really want some lippies and more nail polish now! Shipping is so expensive BOO. I really want that mint green and turquoise polish and some of the lippies :(

  5. Am I odd for loving the hologram one the most? It looks so playful! Well, that and I only wear colored polish on my toes nowadays, hehe. Still, seeing your fingers doe up in a sort of rainbow like that makes me want to do that again. I used to paint all my nails a different color. Why only choose one?

  6. I love those Mint Green and Turquoise! And red glitter and.. and ... and...:D I watched your video about BarryM products- awesome!
    Maybe one day we could do a swap? There's some brands here, what is probably not available in UK? (Make Up Store, IsaDora, Lumene, Artdeco?) Maybe You could be interested?

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