Sunday, 8 November 2009


Seeing as y'all were all so lovely and helpful in my post about my hair (thanks so much you guys!) i figured i'd ask your opinion on my eyebrows :)
Naturally my eyebrows are wonky. The grow to be different shapes, one has a lot more arch than the other and the other is a lot more square and 'blunt' looking. It's not hugely noticeable but it's enough to annoy me.

Here are some photos where you can see the differences kind of clearly (in these i was going through a lazy period and not plucking at all, usually they're a bit neater than this!):

I'm fine with the colour as dark brows with light hair always reminds me of miss Monroe but the shape is bugging me. I've always wante to try a really thin, really arched almost semi-circular brow, like my icon miss Cyndi Lauper

(also, my god how amazing does she look? If i look half as good as her at her age i will be a very very happy girl!)

I have no idea if it will look any good or me, or even if it would be possible with what i have to work with. Any ideas?
Or if that's not possible, i'd just like my brows to be even and what makes that difficult is i prefer the more archy brow, which grows further 'down' towards my eye than the other side, so i don't know how it could work.

And if so does anyone think i would be able to do them myself? I think i could actually handle going into a salon to have them waxed or threaded as long as i could take someone with me to talk to people for me, but it would still be a lot less stressful for me to just do it myself at home.

I've ordered a load of makeup recently that i'm really excited about, particularly a big order from NYX and some lipsticks from Morgana minerals, i got 2 full size ones and lots of samples so i can see what the colours are like. I absolutely love how you can order samples of lipsticks, i've never seen it before and it's such a good idea, especially with odd colours like greens and purples and things. I also got some more micas and base powders and lipstick base from TKB trading, i'm really looking forward to having a big play and seeing what i come up with.

This is what i don't really understand about the whole Lime Crime/repackaging scandal. I have no intention of making cosmetics for a living, but i'm so excited by the idea of just experimenting and learning and hopefully making something lovely. MKakeup generally makes me feel really love so I can only imagine how lovely the feeling of wearing makeup you've actually created yourself would be. So I just don't understand why someone would be happy to just sell something so generic. I guess the sad answer is just 'money'

Anyway i hope to have some new reviews coming soon, and not just endless posts with me whining at you guys for help :P Oh also i'm hoping to start doing a lot more swatches and FOTD's :)


  1. Have you thought about going to a beautician and getting them shaped like cindy's or asking what shape would suit your features? Thats what i usually do and then just pluck any of the stray hairs when they come back =D

    i dont know if that helps >.<

  2. I love the high arched brows on pale eyes. I would have them shaped the first time and then you can just tweeze and keep them up yourself. Also a good brow powder or pencil, cindy uses these if you look at a close up she doesn't have perfect brows.

    I have a natural bald spot on my left brow and they are both totaly wonky.

  3. My eyebrows are the same way. One is at a sharp angle one is rounded. I can't do a thing with them :(

    I'm actually growing mine out right now and then letting someone professionally tease them, maybe that will help them. I just want a 'neater' shape to them, I tend to overpluck and then they look funky!!

  4. I used to have mine professionally done once in a while and then just keep them in shape on a regular basis. Over the years however, I've become lazy, and could do with getting something done about my own at the moment!

  5. Maybe You could try this shape out first covering your eyebrows with something (I've seen videos on Youtube: covering eyebrows with gluestick-it was on Blanchebabcocks' channel I think) and draw this kind of brows. This way maybe it's possible to see how this browshape suits you before letting them pluck? It's just one idea. :)
    BTW: Your eyecolour is amazing - so beautiful and unique!

  6. I'm not a thin eyebrow fan since some people end up looking really angry ;__;
    But, if you do a shape like Cindy's, I think you won't have this kind of problem! ^^

  7. my eyebrows naturally grow in two different shapes as well (and one has a tiny patch where no hair grows, so frustrating!), and since i'm part asian, the hair has a tendency to grow down.

    my eyebrow grooming routine is fairly simple, and super easy to do yourself at home. first i take a brush and comb the hair downwards (you could comb your eyebrows upwards since you're not asian), and trim any strays or hairs that are too long, using a pair of tiny scissors that have a slight bend at the tip (came with a super cheap makeup kit i got for christmas once that i mostly threw out because the eyeshadows barely showed up... you could probably find the tiny scissors at the drugstore for under $5). if i've been lazy and need to reshape my eyebrows, i take a white eyeliner pencil and draw a line for the kind of shape that i want. then i take a pair of tweezers and pluck the strays and any hairs that fall out of the white line i just drew.

    recently i tried threading, following a video tutorial i saw on youtube. it was pretty easy and i think i'll be doing this from now on, as plucking individual hairs can be pretty time consuming. but eyebrow maintenance is definitely something you can do yourself! if you're unsure of how to go about creating a proper shape for your face, i would suggest going to a salon and getting them done once... then following that shape with regular maintenance afterward.

  8. Really, I think your eyebrows look quite nice. They help bring the focus to your eyes (or at least they did that for me) If it's any consolation, mine are also quite uncooperative the majority of the time--I've found that if things get really bad, I can just carry my little eyebrow brush with me and quickly fix things as needed. My eyebrow brush is from Mary Kay and it was a gift, so I'm sadly not sure where to go about finding another.


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