Saturday, 27 February 2010

Silly silly Lillian

Discussing Lush massage bars with RaeRae ( ) i remembered something incredibly stupid i did.
Once when i was younger (probably about 12 so really i was more than old enough to know better!) i found a lush massage bar i my bathroom. It was a chocolate one (here it is! ). I didn't understand what a bar of chocolate was doing in the bathroom and felt it, smelled it, and even tested it before realising it was not really chocolate... But it tasted a tiny bit like chocolate and i am so ashamed to tell you i didn't stop biting it for a while! XD
I didn't eat any of it but kept nibbling and then spitting it out because it was so bizarre.
Then I hid it so noone would ever know what i had done.
Oh the shame.


  1. Oh dear!!! At least you didn't actually swallow any of it XD

  2. Once I got a banana shaped soap from the body shop in a goody bag at a party. I firmly disagreed with my mother, who said it as a soap, and took a massive bite..... I feel your shame. xx

  3. This is what comes from such delicious scents!! I'd probably be surprised if I bit into a Lush thing and it didn't taste like the smell lol.

  4. Haha, you're one cute silly bunny :D

  5. Hahahahaha "oh the shame". I was cracking up.

  6. Simone:
    I know, that would have been deeply unpleasant!

    Ha ha ha! We can band together! They shouldn't make soaps and things that smell so edible!

    Exactly! I remember it smelled exactly like a delicious mint chocolate thing. It didn't taste as good as it smelled unfortunately, but i kept on nibbling! XD


    So very silly :P

    Well i'm glad my pain and embarrassment is funny for you! ;D

  7. Ew, but... I may have done the same thing. I come from a family of chocoholics :) My oldest sister once ate a box of chocolates she found in the garbage. My other sister (who had gotten them as a gift) threw them out earlier because they had gone moldy (but not before she "generously" offered me one!).

  8. Oh this is hilarious! I mostly wear foody/bakery perfume so I know all about the temptation to see if it tastes the way it smells. You know they don't! BUT my nephew drank a 1 ounce bottle of vanilla fragrance oil (when he was almost 2, he's now 13). He wasn't walking very well yet so he looked like a drunk man with the bottle turned up and greasiness all over himself. In the moment we were freaking out trying to get it away from him and afterward we were able to laugh about it. He didn't even act like it tasted must have, right? LOL

  9. Oh, the minty chocolate one.
    ...which I totally did not ever own, and absolutely did not try eating. And I don't even have the excuse of having been 12.
    I'm stuck in a pile of double negatives now...
    Well, the ingredients said it was about 95% chocolate! That's edible enough. It would have all been troughed if it didn't have that annoying perfumey aftertaste; I had to resort to using it for its intended purpose. Gives a fun massage though.

  10. Tea:
    Ha ha ha! At least that was actually chocolate, not a chocolate scented toiletry! XD

    Ha ha ha! That's brilliant! Poor drunken vanilla child :P I always like food scented products best too.

    HA HA HA! At least i know i'm not alone! :D


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