Monday, 1 March 2010

FOTD Pink and silver using Sugarpill :)

First i did my face the same as usual (ELF concealer, Avon tinted Moisturiser and today Sleek's the One powder) but instead of using a blush i applied Dollypop eyeshadow very lightly over the apples of my cheeks. Then i took an angled brush and used Dollypop thickly to define my brows. I used Tako lightly on my browbone as a highlight and then a tiny dab of Tiara over that just to add some sparkle. Then i piled Tiara on thickly on my eyelids. I couldn't find a white eyeliner and wanted to brighten my waterline so i applied Tako thickly with an eyeliner brush and finished up with some black mascara (Boots No 7 extreme length, i like it!). For the lips i used Mac Gladiola with a clear pink gloss over the top and then dabbed a tiny bit of Tiara over it.

This is the first time i've actually written out the steps of a look i've made. Would anyone be interested or more of these or even some proper tutorials? Don't be afraid to say no :P


  1. Love this look - it's so much fun! More people need pink eyebrows. Also, tutes are always good in any way shape or form in my opinion x

  2. Aww! That's such a cute look! My eyebrows are really dark, so I could never make a look like this! Really cool!

  3. You are so pretty, you are like a cute little doll. I really envy your colouring. Love the pink eyebrows, make-up should be fun.

  4. Your eyelashes are crazy long! They're almost touching your eyebrows. *Jealous!*

  5. Ha yours are pinker than mine! lol.
    Really great look, it so suits you. Loving the Sugarpill pigmentation. That lipstick is gorgeous too.

  6. Oh my gosh, I love what you did with your eyebrows! I wish mine weren't so dark :(

    I wore Tiara the other day, too. I think I'm in love with it.

    I quite like the 'tutorial' idea. I don't know why I don't do it...once you've listed everything that you've used then you're already halfway to writing one XD

  7. I like the tutorial idea as the looks you do are really stunning and original.

    I love the way you're so creative with your makeup application.

  8. Super cute! This look definitely suits you! :)

  9. you look like a china doll! xxx

  10. Very cool! I love the bright brows!

  11. I'm loving the pink brows and the cheeks!
    Ever since I saw your sugarpill haul I've been drooling all over their website!! I already know what I want and am just sitting tight waiting for the husband to notice my miserable face lol. (it might take a while...)

  12. Thought I'd unlurk to say I'd enjoy step-by-step descriptions :-) I love the bright pink eyebrows, your looks are wonderfully expressive :-D This post is increasing my lust for sugarpill D:

  13. omgg i love your pink brows so much! how daring!

  14. this is so unique, I love it :)
    I really want some stuff from Sugarpill now.. Dollypop reminds me of a bright pink makeup forever color I love, and I'm sure it would cost less to go with Sugarpill.

    (ps. - please do post more reviews!)

  15. Ooh, very nice! I like how you balanced this look overall - and Gladiola, MMmmmmm my latest lippy obsession. I love seeing it on your though - pink just works so well on you!

  16. DUDE, you totally rock the pink eyebrows :)

    And you legit look like a doll!

  17. hahah thats awesome!
    i love ur quirky tutorials =)


    p.s thanks so much for the blog sale products, i finally got them from my mum after moving away lol

  18. I like the tutorial sort of thing, its really good :) this look is amazing and I am soo in love with these eyes! I think I might try it but with Girl About Town on the lips, you look so pretty.

  19. I love it :) Your looks are always SO good!

  20. OMG, you look like a little sugar-angel! I don't even know what a sugar angel is, but your pics made me invent a word, that's how much I love this look. It's darling, it's sweet, it's ethereal...perfection. LOVE.

  21. Emily:
    Thank you so much! I feel a bit weird doing tutorials because so many people are so much better than me, but i guess if people like my looks there's no problem, people can just apply them better :P

    Thank you! You probably could try blocking out your eyebrows, you use wax and then foundation over it and you can draw your eyebrows any way you want. It's a big pain but if you have a free day and want to play it's worth a try :)

    Grace London:
    Thank you so so much! I agree about makeup being fun, i just like to play around with my appearance.

    Thank you! It's really good mascara though :P

    Sparklz and Shine:
    Hee hee! :D Thank you so much. Sugarpill is just great.

    Thank you so much :) Tiara is just gorgeous, probably the nicest silver shadow i've tried, it's just like a powdered bit of silver :) I might start doing proper tutorials if people like them :)

    Aww thank you so much! I see so many people so much better at makeup design and application than me i feel a bit silly doing tutorials :P

    Sarah Alford:
    :D K!

    Thank you, i love coloured eyebrows.

    Awwww thank you! I might do a proper china doll look :P

  22. Phyrra:
    Thank you Phyrra! I think it's oddly flattering on me :P

    Hee hee thank you! Sugarpill stuff is great, i've been wearing it almost exclusively for a few days and it's really really impressed me. Come on Hubby see the sad face, the biuty needs makeup! :D

    Thank you so so much :) I'm a naughty enabler for Sugarpill lust!

    Thank you!

    Thanks so much! It's a fun look. I love Dollypop, it's a perfect pink colour for me. The eyeshadows are cheaper and ever so slightly bigger than MUFE. I only have one MUFE shadow so i can't really compare the quality of them, except the yellow :)
    And i should have some new reviews up soon.

    Thank you! Gladiola is gorgeous, i love that it's matte too. I'm so glad i look good with pink, it's my favourite colour and if it didn't suit me i'd be screwed!

    Thank you so much!

    Thank you, i'm going to try and do more weird looks :)
    Awww i hope you like what you bought!

    Thank you Simone! I'll do more tutorials i thinka as lots of people seemed to like it :) Girl About Town would go really nicely i think, probably even nicer than the Gladiola!

    Aww you're too kind!

    ... I can't even reply to your comment, it made me so so happy! :D You're really too sweet, i'm all bashful now. I'm very pleased to be a sugar angel! :D

  23. Aw, you look like a cute doll! I love the pink eyebrows. You should colour them more often!


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