Friday, 26 March 2010

Illamasqua Week has ended!

So my Illamasqua Week (yes yes it was more like a month, but i'm still calling it a week because i'm stubborn) is now finally drawing to an end. I really liked having the focus on one brand because it forced me to write lots of reviews, where often i can be quite lazy and keep to quick, easy posts, but reviewing all my products and doing looks and things in one week was a rediculous idea, and there were times I wanted to post about other products but didn't want to because i was doing this Illamasqua project. So i think i will do more themed posts similar to this, but will do it in months to give myself enough time to review everything thoroughly and also continue with other posts unrelated to the theme.

So since the start of this project my feelings for Illamasqua have not changed, i still love them dearly and they are my absolute favourite high-end brand, but that does not mean i love everything they make, the cream eyeshadows were very disappointing and i really didn't like the one lipstick i've tried (though i don't believe what i thought would be true of all their lipsticks, i need to try another colour) and while i like their powder eyeshadows i don't think they are particularly special. However their lipglosses and pencils are the best i've ever tried, the blush i have is amazing in it's staying power and pigmentation and i really like all of the other products I have tried. I love the ideas and aesthetics behind the brand, i've found their customer service to be very friendly and helpful and, well i just love them. I want to try all their products.

Their new collection, Body Electrics, is coming out next month. Their blog described the collection as '"Due for a mid April launch across all counters in the UK - and May in the US - Body Electrics celebrates the body in motion, enhances your individual contours and is an explosion of electrifying energy. Again, we have new product textures and some otherwordly shades and unique finishes." I cannot wait! I'm so excited.
I have been invited to go to the blogger event to preview the products and words can't described how happy and honoured i am. This will be my first ever blogger event and i'm just so overwhelmed that i would be invited. It will be a big step for me to go because of my bravery (i imagine i will need a lot of Dutch Courage) but i am absolutely going to go, i'm not going to let my anxiety stop me doing something i really want to do. I need to feel the fear and do it anyway :)

In other news my sister had a baby boy yesterday, both of them are fine and he looks like a creepy old man/alien/pig thing like all babies do to me :P


  1. Wow, that's so great you got invited to a Blogger event! Make sure you try out lots of the stuff and bring back some great reviews :D I've really enjoyed reading you Illamasqua posts as I am also a massive fan of the brand.

    Congrats to your sister as well!

  2. Wow wow wow. You're so lucky to be going to that event! I'm quite jealous. I hope it goes well for you!

    I've enjoyed your Illamasqua reviews. I've never tried any of their products at all (or read any other reviews, for that matter) but now I know of at least a couple of things that I want.

    Congratulations to your sister, although I share your views on what babies look like =P

  3. You're soo lucky to be going to that event! It's on my birthday too :(you completely deserve it though) Your Illamasqua reviews were great, reminded me of things I wanted to buy! I've had a serious NARS love affair recently

  4. Wow well done to get invited to the Blogger event. I'd so love to see more of the Illamasqua stuff. You'll have a great time. x


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