Sunday, 21 March 2010


Illamasqua week (which yes has almost spanned 3 weeks now, it would have been a week if i posted my looks and reviews consectuively but, i'm me so that was not going to happen :P) is drawing to a close now, i only have 3 reviews left to post and will hopefully have at least 2 done today. I've really enjoyed doing it, but i want to know how you guys felt about it. If you liked seeing a whole lot of reviews and looks using only one companies products then i could do it again with other companies. The idea of it was meant to be a sort of guide to the brand for anyone who didn't know much about them before, or did but had been put off by the price or anything. But if you found it irritating in any way please tell me :)

In case anyone thought otherwise i'd just like to say that i am not in anyway affiliated with Illamasqua, i didn't recieve any of the products to review or anything like that, i just really adore the brand.

I was feeling really down yesterday and ended up being very very naughty and breaking my spending ban quite badly. I feel very ashamed of myself now but i just couldn't help it. I'm going to try to keep myself really really busy from now on and then hopefully i won't give myself a chance to buy anything else!

I'm not feeling down anymore though. Partly because I just  woke up on the right side of the bed this morning, and it's been such a nice sunny day and my animals are all being beautiful and partly because, when ego-searching this morning, I discovered  this little write up on my blog

'What I love about Lillian’s blog is her ingenuity and her drive to create something unique in a world that is so replete with same, same, same. Lillian’s makeup tutorials are full of innovative products, methods and combinations. No two looks are ever the same.
The best thing about Lillian, however, is her honesty. She shares very openly her struggles with social anxiety, her fears, and her frustrations with life. The way she writes is compelling and almost like a conversation. It’s absolutely addictive.'

Now i'm certain such praise is really not deserved but i just wanted to say that if whoever wrote this is reading this i can never thank you enough. It truly touched me from the bottom of my heart and has made me feel so wonderful. Word's can't really express how good it made me feel about myself, just knowing there are people who so much appreciate the nonsense i write :)

You may have noticed i've been quite  sparse on the looks front recently, this is because i've been a bit low and staying indoors a lot so i don't tend to do a full face worth noting, but i want to do more, so hopefully i'll start showing at least 2 outfits and faces a week. Even if i'm just in all day i'll dress up for the fun :)
I'm also going to start working my way through the list of requests i have. I'm so useless, i ask you guys what you'd like to see and then when you tell me i ignore it for weeks! Shame on me.

Recently my puppy Sir Digby has started playing with my older dog Minnie. Minnie has never played before in her life and it has made us all so happy to see her rolling around being silly with Digby, she seems so much younger now.


  1. Well done you! That's a fab write up, that you well deserve:)

    'I'm so useless, i ask you guys .......!' You are not, and you should not say such things even in jest. A very good friend taught me to never say that, or simialr words about myself. And it's a tip I pass on to everyone, because it really has helped me over the years. x

    Back to the Illamasqua posts - I've really enjoyed them and learnt lots even though it's a brand I love and keep an eye on. So some more themed stuff would be great!

  2. You completely deserve that praise! your blog is wonderful and always brings a smile to my face!.

    I'm getting a lab-retriever cross on Wednesday (Puppy walking for guide dogs for the blind)he's called Blake and he's going to be 6 weeks old the day we get him! we have an older dog caramel, who still looks like a pup, but she's 9 now, so she's getting on a bit but she'll still run around the park for an hour, so I hope they play together, but I hope he doesn't start copying her bad habits!

  3. Sparklz and Shine:
    Thank you very much. I know, you're right, my girlfriend tells me off a lot for saying things like that, but i dont know, i've just always been very self-deprecating, especially in a joking way. It's probably a self-preservation thing.
    I'm glad you've enjoyed it! I think i'll do more themed posts, but it will probably be like 'sleek month' or something instead of week, because obviously i failed at getting it all done in a week anyway, and also because it will mean i can do posts on other things too. Thanks for the feedback.

    Thank you :)

    Aww puppy! And what a lovely thing for you to do :) My puppy adores Minnie and does copy her a lot, but luckilly hasn't caught any of her bad habits! Good luck introducing them!

  4. Hi Lillian,
    I just have to say I too think you are just wonderful! Your blog is a lot of fun and super informative. You make me want to buy so many drugstore brands that you can only get across the pond (I'm in California) and I love seeing your gorgeous outfits and creative looks. I understand being down, but just know there are lots of us out here who truly enjoy your blog and your energy.

  5. That writeup is so sweet, I think you totally deserve it :3


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