Thursday, 4 March 2010

Mini Review - Nivea Caregloss and Shine

I won this in a giveaway by the lovely Cat (
First impressions on this are really great! It smells and tastes delicious (sort of berryish and slightly sherbety) and is a really nice shiny pink with a slight shimmer. The idea of this is really attractive to me, quite a well pigmented lip gloss but with the softening and healing effects of a lip balm. It glides on easily and feels nice on my lips, buttery and not at all sticky.
However after about 30 seconds this stuff starts to tingle on my lips, and the tingle turns into a sting. After about a minute it starts prickling me intensely, it doesn't really hurt but it's very irritating and i can't cope with it and have to rub it off. It's a bit like a lip plumper, only it continues to sting for as long as i have it on my lips. I don't know if it's just me that has a problem with this (i am allergic to some spices and similar things so it might contain something that irritates me).
So if anyone else has tried it please let me know how it felt to you.


  1. I've stolen my sister's peach one of this, and I didn't even get tingly, so I think you've got an allergy or sensitivity to an ingredient :(

  2. I thought i might be :( in a way it's good though, it means it's not a bad product.

  3. I have it (it's under Labello name here) in "shade" Nude. The funny thing is that my experience is completely different. :) I like the moisturising and glossy effect it gives, but hate that strong and nauseously sweet scent. Didn't experience any tingling/stinging. Does it say "lip plumper" on yours? Mine says "caregloss and shin" only. Maybe it indeed contains some allergens that are not suitable for you? Btw, I decided to toss mine away yesterday. Don't want to eat mineral oil anymore! lol

  4. That is a shame that it irritated your lips. I love products like that, that care for your lips and add colour too - my favourite thing all this winter has been vaseline rosy lips. Ok it's not super pigmented, but it makes my lips such a lovely colour (and I swear it makes my teeth look whiter too!?) The smooth soft lips are just a bonus! :)

  5. I have the same problem with this balm, it really stings my lips, so I gave mine to a friend who doesn't have any problems with it at all.
    I do tend to be sensitive to lip products though so I figured it was just an allergy to one of the products.

  6. Ouch, sounds horrible D: thanks for the heads up though

  7. HeavenNRJ:
    I think that i was probably just sensitive to some ingredient in it. It doesn't say lip plumper, i don't think it's meant to have any kind of tingling (and you're not the only one who didn't experience any pain) i think i'm just a bit allergic. I love the sweet berryish smell though.

    I've not tried the vaseline rosy lips but i really should because i love vaseline for my lips. Sleek Pout Polish is my favourite, it's just amazing stuff.

    I reckon it's just because we're sensitive then. Noone else seems to have the problem and i get bad reactions to lots of products.

    It's difficult because it might be perfect for you :/

  8. I always use lipgloss/lipstick and never had any reaction to any kind of product. I wouldn't say I had sensitive skin at all. However, I tried using caregloss & shine many times, but it always leaves my lips tingling and then stinging after awhile. I wonder what they put in this stuff?!! It seems odd to me that a product would do that without being a plumper.


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